Thursday , 21 October 2021

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Iranian protesters demand payment of salaries, end to corruption

alarabiya -A large number of Iranian employees, workers, and citizens came together on Tuesday to demonstrate in front of the Iranian parliament, demanding payment of salaries and protesting against corruption. This protest follows Hassan Rowhani’s appointment of three new ministers after sacking the previous ones over corruption charges. The demonstrators demanded that their money embezzled by government-affiliated companies be recovered. …

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‘Cyrus the Great’ enters Iranian politics

Al-monitor  — Iranians have long been proud of their ancient history and culture, and they always speak of the Achaemenid Empire (circa 550-330 B.C.) with pride. Since the kings of this empire, and particularly Cyrus the Great and Darius the Great, ruled with benevolence and tolerance, they enjoy a particular affection among Iranians. Darius, in his famous prayer, wished for …

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14 Prisoners in Imminent Danger of Execution in Western Iran – Iran Human Rights has obtained the names of 14 prisoners in Qorveh’s central prison who may be executed at any moment. One of the prisoners is a woman. Iran Human Rights (NOV 3 2016): According to close sources, there are a total of 47 prisoners who are currently on death row in Qorveh’s central prison (Kurdistan province, western …

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Three Prisoners Hanged on Drug Charges

Iran Human Rights –  Three prisoners were reportedly executed at Darya, Urmia’s central prison, on drug related charges. According to a report by the human rights news agency, HRANA, the prisoners were hanged on the morning of Wednesday August 2 in the West Azerbaijan province (northwestern Iran). HRANA identifies the prisoners as Farhad Mansouri, Shoaib Hatami, and Darvish Monzemi. These …

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Two Prisoners Executed on Drug Charges

Iran Human Rights –  Two prisoners were executed at Salmas Prison (west Azerbaijan province, northwestern Iran) on drug related charges. According to close sources, one of the prisoners, identified as Sami Mamadi, was hanged on Monday October 31. According to the Kurdistan Human Rights Network, the other prisoner, identified as Iraj Hamedi, was hanged on Tuesday November 1. The human rights …

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