Friday , 12 August 2022

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Iran prepares to boost jobs, clean air by revamping auto fleet

Al-Monitor – Major Iranian urban centers have seen unprecedented air pollution in recent years. According to officials, it is caused primarily by the many cars on the streets, with heavy vehicles including trucks and buses emitting 63% of air-polluting particles. An estimated 350,000 dilapidated heavy vehicles, according to the traffic police, are particularly large producers of pollutants. These vehicles also consume more fuel than newer vehicles. Aging cars, meanwhile, consume 60% …

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Authorities Move To Intimidate Steel Workers; More Than Ten Arrested

Radiofarda – As protests continue at a steel plant in Ahvaz, security forces have arrested more than ten worker activists overnight.

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Bipartisan Bill To Target Entities That Deal With IRGC

RFL/RE – A bipartisan bill has been introduced in US congress targeting companies and entities linked to Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC), Western media have reported.

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Rohani Vows Women To Be Allowed In Iranian Stadiums, FIFA Chief Says

RFL/RE – FIFA chief Gianni Infantino says Iranian President Hassan Rohani has assured him that women will soon be allowed to attend soccer matches in the country, although it could “take a bit of time.”

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Notorious ‘Butcher’ Prosecutor Sentenced To Two Years

RFL/RE – The former prosecutor-general of Tehran, Said Mortazavi, was officially sentenced February 28 to two years in prison for his role in the 2009 deaths of student protestors while at a detention center near the capital. Mohsen Rouholamini, 25, a computer engineering graduate, was one of the many students arrested while protesting the controversial re-election of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad …

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