Thursday , 27 January 2022

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Iran’s Earthquake Victims Suffer As Government Spends Billions On Terrorism

Forbes – They say a news event has a three-day lifespan. The regime in Tehran is counting on such a theory to have the international community move on after the recent earthquake that shook western Iran. Each passing day further reveals the scope of this vast catastrophe.

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Iran promises to send warships to Gulf of Mexico, Atlantic Ocean

NBC – — Iran’s new naval commander has vowed to send warships to America’s backyard.

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Iran’s supreme leader ‘the new Hitler’, says Saudi crown prince

BBC – Saudi Arabia’s crown prince has called Iran’s supreme leader “the new Hitler of the Middle East”, amid heightened tensions between the two countries. Alluding to Iran’s growing regional power, Mohammed bin Salman said it was important to avoid a repeat “of what happened in Europe in the Middle East”. Saudi Arabia and Iran are rivals and have increasingly …

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Iran Allows Women Weightlifters To Compete Internationally

RFL/RE – Iran says it will allow women weightlifters to compete internationally for the first time. Ali Moradi, president of the Iranian Weightlifting Federation, said on November 23, “We have established the Iran Weightlifting Federation Women’s Committee and we have talented female athletes.” “They have high capacity like men athletes, and I hope that, wearing special clothes for Muslim athletes, …

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Iran emphasizes maintaining the Revolutionary Guards in Syria

Al-Arabia – Iran’s elite Revolutionary Guards will play an active role in establishing a lasting “ceasefire” in crisis-hit Syria, its chief commander Mohammad Ali Jafari said, adding that disarming Lebanon’s Hezbollah was non-negotiable, state TV reported on Thursday. “Hezbollah must be armed to fight against the enemy of the Lebanese nation which is Israel. Naturally they should have the best …

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