Friday , 18 September 2020

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Iran’s Health Officials Raise Alarm over Islamic Medicine: Imam Reza drugs or Holy Mary incense

Radiozamaneh – A phenomenon referred to as “Islamic Medicine” has been rapidly growing in popularity in Iran raising concerns in the Ministry of Health. The ministry has been calling on the Administrative Office of Seminaries to assist the ministry in denying the legitimacy of these services. Reports indicate that a number of members of the clergy have been setting up businesses …

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Iran’s AUT team wins 1st place at France’s IMAV 2017

PayvandNews – A team from Tehran’s Amir Kabir (Polytechnic) University of Technology secured the first place in Virtual Challenge category of International Micro Air Vehicle 2017 competition in France. ISAE University and ENAC University had organized the competition which took place in Toulouse of France from September 18 to September 21. About 25 university teams from different countries such as Iran, Australia, Brazil, …

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U.S. Supreme Court Signals It May Dismiss Case Against Broadened Trump Travel Ban

RFL/RE – The U.S. Supreme Court on September 25 signaled that it may dismiss a constitutional challenge to President Donald Trump’s travel ban after he expanded it to cover two countries without Muslim majorities. The high court canceled oral arguments that had been scheduled for October 10 on whether the original travel order covering only six predominantly Muslim countries was discriminatory. …

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Iran says land border with Iraqi Kurdistan remains open

Al-Arabia – Iran’s foreign ministry said Monday that its border with Iraqi Kurdistan remained open despite its independence referendum, reversing an earlier statement. A statement by the ministry said: “The land border between Iran and the Kurdistan region of Iraq is open.” “For now, only air borders between Iran and this region are closed,” it added. That went against an earlier …

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Iranian Miners’ Call for Justice Echoes in Social Media

Radiozamaneh – In December of 2015 miners of Agh Dareh gold mines staged a number of protests which earned many miners imprisonment, flogging and hefty fines. Some of the miners described their treatment in a 59 second video where one of the Agh Dareh residents stresses that miners were imprisoned, flogged and fined simply because they wanted to work and earn …

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