Friday , 18 September 2020

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Some US Officials See Little Downside to Decertifying Iran Nuclear Deal

VOA — Iran may well make good on some of its threats to lash out at American interests and targets, should U.S. President Donald Trump move forward with decertifying the landmark 2015 Iran nuclear deal. Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif on Wednesday pledged a “tougher” response if Trump decides to find Tehran is not in compliance with the nuclear deal, …

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Leftist Poet Missing in Tabriz Two Days After Intelligence Ministry Raided His Home

CHRI – Children’s rights advocate and leftist poet Omid Aghdami has been missing since October 5, 2017, two days after he tweeted that Intelligence Ministry agents had searched his home in Tabriz, East Azerbaijan Province, and confiscated his personal belongings, including a laptop and notebooks. “The Intelligence Ministry contacted my mother again today,” he tweeted on October 4, the day before …

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Imprisoned Editor Ehsan Mazandarani Told to File for Temporary Release With One Month Left on Sentence

CHRI – A reformist journalist imprisoned in Iran who is due to be freed in less than a month has gone on a hunger strike to protest his continued incarceration. “Ehsan Mazandarani has silently started a hunger strike to protest his imprisonment because of a mistake by the judiciary and Evin Prison officials, and the Tehran prosecutor’s refusal to grant him furlough,” tweeted attorney …

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Iran’s parliament speaker moves to position himself as Rouhani’s successor

Al-Monitor – Will Iranian Reformists decide to once again support a moderate-conservative as their candidate in the 2021 presidential elections? This is a question that has come to occupy the minds of observers as a rare scene in a ceremony captured the attention of Iranian media outlets, leading Reformists to think more about their choices when President Hassan Rouhani’s second term …

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IRGC detains brother of Iran’s first vice president

Al-Monitor – On Oct. 5, unconfirmed reports about the detention of First Vice President Eshaq Jahangiri’s brother surfaced in Iranian media. One day later, Jahangiri confirmed the reports, but distanced himself and President Hassan Rouhani’s administration from his brother, saying his brother never held a governmental position. While it may be true that Mahdi Jahangiri, the detained brother, had no position in government, …

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