Monday , 22 July 2019

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One Public Execution in Northern Iran

IRAN HUMAN RIGHTS -A 21 years old man was hanged in public in the city of Babol (Northern Iran). One man was hanged publicly in the city of Babol Saturday morning April 22, reported the state run Iranian news agencies. The state controlled YJC news agency reported that the 21 year old man was identified as H.R. sentenced to qisas …

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IRGC Commander Publicly Criticizes Rouhani’s Refusal to Block Telegram Call Service Before Election

CHRI – One month before Iranians head to the polls, a senior commander of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) has revealed that President Hassan Rouhani opposed pressure to ban the popular Telegram application’s newly released “Voice Calls” service. “In a meeting with Rouhani, we emphasized that allowing Telegram to initiate a voice calling service in Iran would prevent us …

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Eight Baha’is Arrested Without a Warrant by Iran’s Intelligence Ministry and Denied Legal Council

CHRI – Seven Baha’i citizens were arrested by the Intelligence Ministry in Bandar Abbas and Qeshm Island, southern Iran, on April 18, 2017, an informed source told the Center for Human Rights in Iran (CHRI). Mahnaz Jannesar, Nasim Ghanavatian, Maral Rasti, Farhad Ameri, Arash Rasekhi, Mehrallah Afshar and Omid Afaghi are being held on unknown charges in the ministry’s detention …

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University Student Groups Decry Security Climate on Campus, Rising Costs and Gender Segregation

CHRI – Seventy-two student organizations from universities throughout Iran have issued a joint statement asking President Hassan Rouhani to end the security climate on campuses, halt the rising cost of education, and stop discriminatory practices against female students. “It’s possible that the increasing pressure on students has something to do with fears that they could have an impact on the …

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Is prominent conservative cleric really a threat to Rouhani?

Al-monitor — Iranian President Hassan Rouhani is aiming for another term in office, and as such the May 19 elections in Iran pose an ultimate vote of confidence. Rouhani’s aides do not seem to doubt his prospects as they believe this government has done almost everything it could to make the situation in the country better than it was four …

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