Tuesday , 17 May 2022


Investigation: How Tehran Supported Bashar al-Assad’s Presidential Campaign in Syria

iranwire – The Iranian regime has been openly supportive of Bashar al-Assad’s despotic regime in Syria ever since the outset of the Syrian uprisings in 2011. It has dispatched militants to the battlefield in untold numbers, stood by Al-Assad in global propaganda drives and set up cultural organizations in a bid to influence public opinion inside Syria. Nevertheless, the regime has always denied trying to affect …

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Briefing on Iran Protests

nufdiran— On Tuesday, August 3rd the National Union for Democracy in Iran (NUFDI) hosted a briefing with congressional staffers, leading think tank experts, and journalists from prominent international media outlets including The Wall Street Journal, Reuters, Bloomberg, and Agence France-Presse, among others. The briefing was held to discuss the ongoing protest movement in Iran and the continuing campaign for a secular …

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Football Fans’ Celebrations Turn Into Anti-Government Protests

Iranwire – On Friday, July 30, Persepolis football team defeated Paykan to win the Iran Pro League for the fifth time in a row. This time, though, victory celebrations in cities across the country rapidly turned into anti-government protests. Chants including “Death to the dictator”, “Mullahs get lost” and “Death to Velayat-e faqih” –  “guardianship of the Islamic jurist”, the foundational principle of the …

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Anti-Government Protests Erupt in Tehran

Iranwire – Protesters amassed in Jomhouri Avenue in central Tehran on Monday to chant anti-government slogans including “Shame, Khamenei! Let go of this country” and “Mullahs get lost”. Iranians on social media reported that the group marching down the shopping street at noon was partly enraged by the blackouts that have blighted the capital and cities across Iran for two months now. The long …

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Labor Activists: State-Sponsored Looting Led to Iranian Oil Strikes

Iranwire – A nationwide strike by workers in Iran’s oil, gas and petrochemical industries entered its fifth consecutive week on Saturday, July 17. Labor activists this week joined a Clubhouse discussion hosted by IranWire to shed light on how this situation came about and the workers’ demands, many of which relate to disparities in contracts under the Ministry of Oil. Among those present were …

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VOA Persian TV Host Says Iran Kidnap Plot Sought to Stop Her Social Media Activism

VOA –  A VOA Persian TV host and outspoken Iranian government critic who says she was the target of a U.S.-exposed Iranian plot to kidnap her has shared new details of the scheme, including its alleged aims of eliminating her and her popular social media accounts.   In a video message recorded Tuesday, Iranian American journalist Masih Alinejad said Federal Bureau of …

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Regime official slams doctor for criticizing power outages in Iran’s hospitals

Iran-HRM – A top aide to Iran’s supreme leader threatened an ICU specialist after he criticized the regimes Health Minister power outages in hospitals. After Dr. Mohammad Reza Hashemian criticized the regime’s Health Minister for power outages in hospitals, and demanded the minister to be tried, Ali Akbar Velayati warned him: “If you repeat such positions, I will have to take …

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Mass murderer Ebrahim Raisi defends his role in 1988 massacre

Iram-HRM – In his first post-election press conference, mass murderer Ebrahim Raisi, implicitly said that he shoud be applauded for killing thousands of Iranians. When questioned on his role in Iran’s 1988 massacre, mass murderer Ebrahim Raisi brazenly claimed, “From the beginning of my position as a jurist, I have always defended the people’s human rights. Human rights has always …

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Reformist Candidate Drops Out Of Iran’s Presidential Election

RFL/RE – One of two reformists approved to run in Iran’s June 18 presidential election has withdrawn his candidacy. Iranian media report that Mohsen Mehralizadeh, a 64-year-old former vice president, withdrew on June 16 — the last day of the election campaign. He was one of only two reformists permitted to run in the election to replace President Hassan Rohani, …

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