Tuesday , 29 November 2022


Iran arrests dissident rapper amid anti-government protests

Al-Monitor — Iranian security forces have arrested popular singer and social activist Toomaj Salehi in the western province of Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari. The dissident rapper, who is commonly known by his first name, was reportedly taken along with a group of friends from the village of Gerd Bisheh to an unknown location. Toomaj had used his popular media platforms to speak against Iranian …

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Death Toll Rises to 13 Following Fire and Riots at Evin Prison

Iranwire – The death toll following the fire and riots in Iran’s notorious Evin Prison on Saturday night has risen to 13, IranWire can report. At least four political prisoners are currently in hospital. The judiciary’s Mizan news agency said on Monday that four prisoners had died from their injuries on Sunday night, bringing the total number of deaths to eight. Mizan …

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As Iran Protesters Demand Regime Change, How Should West Respond?

VOA – Anti-government protests are continuing across Iran following the death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini in police custody last month. She had been arrested by Iran’s morality police for ‘unsuitable attire’. Where might the protests lead – and how should the West respond? Henry Ridgwell reports from London.

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Iran Protests: “We Will Kill Whoever Killed My Sister!”

Iranwire – Fifteen nights of protest in Iran have seen crowds gather in cities across the country, from Tehran to Mashhad to Sanandaj, chanting slogans and confronting security forces, after the September 16 murder by morality police of Mahsa Amini. 🎥ادامه اعتراضات با شعار زن، زندگی، آزادی در سنندجدر ویدیویی که از #سنندج برای ایران ایران وایر ارسال شده، معترضان …

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The Thirteenth Night of Protests in Iran: Teargas and Anti-Khamenei Chants

Iranwire – Iran’s unprecedented nationwide protests continued for a thirteenth night on Tuesday with security forces attempting to disperse massive protests as demonstators called for an end to Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei’s rule and theocratic dictatorship in Iran. شهرستان فیروٰزآباد در استان فارس در شامگاه پنجم مهر صحنه اعتراضات گسترده ضد حکومتی است. در این ویدیو که به دست …

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Huge Crowds Occupy Central Tehran on Iran’s Eighth Night of Protests

Iranwire – Mass demonstrations in Tehran and other cities continued into the small hours of Saturday for the eighth consecutive night tonight since the killing in custody of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini. Iranians in #Tehran celebrate as police officers retreat from their positions during #IranProtests2022 (Tehran, Sept 24)#Mahsa_Amini #mahsamini #IranProtests #IranRevolution pic.twitter.com/MBWA6vQybA— IranWire (@IranWireEnglish) September 24, 2022 Fresh protests continued at …

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Iran Protests: Revolt in Different Cities Continues on Thursday Night

Iranwire – Protests against the mullahs’ dictatorship continued for the seventh night in more than 30 cities in Iran on Thursday. Women burned their headscarves, crowds gathered around bonfires and individual citizens engaged with security forces working overtime to violently disperse them. 🎥 مردم معترض #تهران به صورت گسترده در خیابان مقاومت می‌کنند و شعار می‌دهند.ویدیوهای منتشر شده حاکی از …

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Prisoner at risk of torture and ill-treatment at Agahi detention center

Iran-HRM – Farhad Ghahremani who has been arrested for demanding a halt to executions in Iran was taken to the Investigation Unit of Iran’s police (Agahi) where he remains at risk of torture and other ill-treatment. The woman holds a placard reading "No to executions" during the gathering of families of prisoners who have been handed death sentences. Families of …

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