Sunday , 19 January 2020


Outspoken Female Lawmaker Delivers Fiery Speech In Iran Against ‘Grim Despotism’

Radiofarda – In a fiery speech on Monday an outspoken female Iranian lawmaker criticized the Islamic Republic for “grim despotism” and the ever-increasing powers of parallel, unelected centers of power. In her speech Parvaneh Salahshouri who is a representative of Tehran in the Majles (Iranian parliament) said the concentration of power in unelected bodies is destroying the “republican nature of …

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Interview with CNN’s Christiane Amanpour: Iranian Art in the Shadow of a Crackdown

Interview with CNN’s Christiane Amanpour: Iranian Art in the Shadow of a Crackdown CHRI – Violent state repression of protests in Iran is not unique, yet the lethal means government forces used to repress recent protests that broke out across dozens of cities reached new heights this year, resulting in at least 208 deaths between November 15, 2019, and December 2, according …

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Students In Iran Hold Anti-Government Rallies Chanting ‘Freedom’, ‘Unity’

Radiofarda – Videos posted on various social media platforms show students in Iran chanting anti-government slogans in several Iranian universities during the annual Student Day gatherings. A huge presence of plainclothesmen in universities and security forces outside campuses can be seen. Pictures and videos posted on social media show students holding placards that read: “People’s Tables Plundered in Bloody Month …

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IRGC forces massacre protesters hiding in marsh in southwest Iran

Iran-HRM – The Iranian regime forces opened fire on a group of protesters in the marshlands of Mahshahr in the southwest Khuzestan Province. The reports from the city come after Iran lifted an almost complete internet blackout which the authorities implemented to hide the scope of their brutal crackdown on protests.  The internet is still off in Mahshahr in Iran’s …

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Officials Try To Soften Impact Of Rising Death Toll In Iran Protests

Radiofarda – As the reported death toll form protests in Iran climbs higher, bringing widespread recriminations, some officials appear to be trying to contain the anger by walking back their earlier harsh statements. Some opposition websites, such as Kalemeh, have reported that over 150 protesters shot dead have been buried in only one cemetery in Tehran. Other reports say over 100 bodies …

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Iranian regime transforms schools into detention centers

Following Iran’s nationwide protests which started on November 15 over gas price hike, the Iranian regime has made detention centers out of many schools, in violation of international conventions. The extent of unlawful detentions was so large that regime have turned schools in many towns into detention centers. A video clip posted on the internet shows how the Quds elementary school …

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Iraqis Shatter Taboos In Rage At Iran, But Bloodshed May Follow

By torching Tehran’s consulates and slapping their muddy shoes against photographs of top Iranian officials, Iraqi protesters have shattered a taboo on public criticism of their influential eastern neighbour. But even as it faces red-hot rage in the streets, Tehran has consolidated its influence within Iraq’s political class and among armed actors, analysts tell AFP. In the latest expression of …

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