Tuesday , 17 May 2022


Partial Results Announced In Iran Elections Called A ‘Sham’ By Pompeo

Radiofarda – The results of Friday’s parliamentary elections in Iran for smaller constituencies are being announced on Saturday. So far candidate vote results for 66 out of a total of 208 constituencies nationwide have been announced. According to numbers made public so far, run-off elections will be held in several constituencies where candidates have failed to gain a minimum of …

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Videos, images of Iran polling stations show low voter turnout

Videos and images of polling stations in Iran shared on social media point toward a low voter turnout in Iran’s parliamentary election on Friday. Iranians voted on Friday in a parliamentary election unlikely to change the Islamic Republic’s troubled relations with the United States, after thousands of candidates were barred from the field in favor of hardliners. Videos and images from several …

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Conservatives Appear Ahead As Votes Counted In Iran’s Parliamentary Elections

Conservatives appeared to be ahead as ballots were being counted in Iran’s February 21 parliamentary elections. The poll was certain to favor conservative candidates following the pre-vote disqualification of thousands of reformists or relative moderates. Initial results were expected on February 22 after authorities three times extended voting by a total of five hours to allow more people to cast …

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Iranians Casting Ballots In Parliamentary Elections Amid Coronavirus Fears And Voter Disillusionment

Radiofarda – Iranians on Friday headed to polls to cast ballots in parliamentary elections a day after two coronavirus deaths were reported in the country. Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei has called for “massive turnout to frustrate America”. Voters will be choosing from over 7,000 candidates for the 290 seats of the Iranian Parliament, the Majles. But around 9,000 other …

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Announcement Of Iran Coronavirus Deaths Fuels Public Distrust Of Government

Radiofarda – After two people died of Coronavirus in Iran on Wednesday, officials hinted at more cases of infections, fueling an atmosphere of deep apprehension among the public and expressions of distrust toward the government. The revelation that the virus has reached Iran is taken by many as an admission that infections may had already spread in Qom, the religious …

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Why Iran’s Very Predictable Parliamentary Vote Is Still Important

RFL/RE – The outcome of Iran’s February 21 parliamentary elections appears to be clear cut even before the ballots are cast: hard-liners and conservatives are likely to take control of the future parliament.Yet the elections are still extremely important.“This vote is significant because it commences the hard-line takeover of Iran’s elected institutions,” says Sanam Vakil, deputy director of the Middle …

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Appeals Court Upholds Baseless Prison Sentences Against Wildlife Conservationists

CHRI – Prison Terms Range from 4-10 Years Based on No Evidence and False “Confessions” February 18, 2020 – The Center for Human Rights in Iran (CHRI) condemns the Iranian appeals court’s decision to uphold lengthy prison sentences against eight wildlife conservationists detained since January 2018 without due process on charges that were refuted by three major Iranian state agencies including the Intelligence Ministry. …

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Pro-Assad Activists In Italy Launch Soleimani Publicity Campaign

Radiofarda – A pro-Assad Syrian group on February 11 and 12 launched a publicity campaign to honor Qassem Soleimani in several Italian cities including Rome and Milan by displaying hundreds of posters of the slain Qods Force commander. Iranian news websites have extensively reported the incident and Iran’s state-run television (IRIB) has shown a report by its correspondent in Rome …

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Three Upscale Restaurants In Tehran Sealed Off For Allowing Diners To Dance

A video circulating on social media has led to the closure of three upscale restaurants in Tehran, a local court announced. The video shows men and women in a restaurant dancing in violation of the Islamic Republic law that bans people from dancing in public. The managers of the three restaurants are behind bars for allowing their customers to hold …

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