Tuesday , 4 October 2022


Gonabadi Sufi Tortured

Shabtabnews – According to reports and twitter statement by IOPHR , Behnam Mahjoubi Gonabadi #Sufi & prisoner of conscience is in critical health condition. #BehnamMahjoubi, a Gonabadi #Sufi & prisoner of conscience is in critical health condition. He has been forced to take unknown drugs & transferred to a psychiatric hospital. In a voice recording, he said “The regime is …

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Jailed Iranian Dissident with Panic Disorder Denied Urgent Medical Care

Iran-HRM -The Coroner’s Office issued a letter indicating that prisoner of conscience Behnam Mahjoubi who suffers from a panic disorder needs to be released because of his dire health condition. Having seen the letter, the prison’s doctor gave some tablets to Behnam Mahjoubi and told him: “Wait until Monday. If you are alive, we will send you to hospital. If …

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IOPHR’s open letter to the UN Human Rights Rapporteur in regards to the critical situation of Mr. Behnam Mahjoubi

Shabtabnews – In an open letter the IOPHR draws the attentions of Javaid Rehmanthe the United Nations Human Rights Rapporteur for Iran to the “wave of widespread detentions, without any explanation from the Iranian security officials, and the emergence of a growing dissatisfaction amongst Iranian citizens. Especially, amongst the millions of Gonabadi Sufis.” The letter also points to the cases …

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Jailed Iranian Dissident With Panic Disorder Sent to Psychiatric Clinic After Interference in Treatment, Friend Says

VOA – An Iranian political prisoner suffering from a panic disorder has been sent against his will to a psychiatric clinic after prison interference with his medical treatment led to his partial paralysis, according to a friend and family member of the dissident. In a Tuesday interview with VOA Persian from Iran, the friend of dissident Behnam Mahjoubi said authorities …

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IOPHR representative talk at the weekly IRF meeting with Ambassador Sam Brownback on the subject of the ongoing “Campaign To Find The Truth Behind Dr. Tabandeh’s Death”

Shabtabtabnews – In a weekly IRF Meeting the IOPHR representative Hamid Gharagozloo’s discussed with US Ambassador on Religous Freedom, Sam Brownback, on the subject of the ongoing Campaign To Find The Truth Behind Dr. Tabandeh’s Death. Mr Gharagozloo at the virtual meeting In this discussion Mr Gharagozloo stated “We at the IOPHR have started a campaign to find out the …

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The campaign to seek the truth behind Dr Tabandeh’s death.

Shabtabnews – Over the last few days there has been widespread international social media campaign amongst the followers and supporters of Dr Noor Ali Tabandeh demanding the truth behind the circumstances of his death. Dr Noor Ali Tabandeh was a well know Iranian human rights activist as well as the spiritual leader of the largest Sufi order (The Gonabadi Sufi …

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Dervish Activists Reject Iran Official’s Claim Their Banishment to Poor Areas Is Not Deliberate

VOA – Activists of Iran’s Gonabadi Dervish religious minority who have been forced to live far from home after release from prison have rejected an Iranian official’s contention that Tehran has no policy of exiling freed convicts to impoverished and remote parts of the country. Iranian judiciary spokesperson Gholamhossein Esmaili made the assertion in a Tuesday press briefing, saying the judiciary …

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Continual Death Threats against Jurist Scholar and Human Rights Activist Dr. Azmayesh, Mr. Ahrari of Kalameh TV & other Activists

Shabtabnews – In a virtual International Religious Freedom Roundtable with Ambassador at Large Sam Brownback, Mr. Hamid Gharagozloo, the U.S. representative for IOPHR spoke about the fact that death threats against Dr. Azmayesh, Mr. Ahrari, dissidents and activists outside of Iran continue on a daily basis. The IOPHR Statement also stated that “several prisoners have been threatened with death and …

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