Friday , 7 October 2022


Leaked Government Document Exposes Policies Against Baha’is and Dervishes

Iranwire – Orders targeting Iran’s Baha’i religious minority and instructing local security agencies and government departments to “conduct strict controls” on the Baha’is were revealed this week by two human rights groups. The directives were issued by a “high-level government commission” for the city of Sari, in the country’s northern Mazandaran province, and a copy was received by the League …

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IOPHR’s open Letter to Mr. Josep Borrell Fontelles, regarding the responsibility of the Islamic Republic of Iran for providing security for prisoners of conscience

Shabtabnews – In a open letter to the High Representative of the EU for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy & Vice-President of the European Commission, Mr. Josep Borrell Fontelles, IOPHR highlighted “the astonishing inhumane actions of the Iranian regime against its own citizens, and asked for assistance in this matter. ” IOPHR in the letter pointed to the unfortunate unprecedented increase …

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USCIRF Condemns Killing of Gonabadi Sufi Activist by Iranian Officials

Shabtabnews – The United States Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) condemns in the strongest terms the deliberate medical malpractice at Iran’s notorious Evin Prison that caused the death of Behnam Mahjoubi, a 33 year-old Gonabadi Sufi activist. In 2019, Iran’s government killed the community’s spiritual leader, Noor Ali Tabandeh, by similar means and replaced him with a government loyalist. “Behnam Mahjoubi’s death is an abysmal …

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IOPHR Statement regarding the responsibility of the Islamic Republic of Iran in protecting the lives of prisoners of conscience

Shabtabnews – Following the murder of a prisoner of conscience, Mr. Behnam Mahjoubi, at the Evin Prison Medical Centre through poisoning, the IOPHR in a statement expressed its deep concern in regards to the safety and health of political and non-political Sufi prisoners in Iran. As well as calling “on all governments, especially democratic governments, committed to human rights values, …

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IOPHR Representatives Weekly USCIRF Roundtable

Shabtabnews – In the weekly USCIRF Roundtable IOPHR representative Hamid Gharagozloo’s gives a candid presentation on human rights issues in Iran and the particular case of poisoning and murder of Gonabadi Sufi, Behnam Mahjoubi. Below is the link to the transcript of Hamid Gharagozloo’s presentation at the USCIRF Weekly Roundtable with Gayle Manchin: IOPHR Representatives Weekly USCIRF Roundtable

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Jailed, Exiled Iranian Dervish Activists Accuse Iran’s Rulers of Murder

VOA – Jailed and exiled activists of an Iranian religious sect have denounced Iran’s Islamist leadership for Sunday’s death of a detained Dervish dissident whom they say was denied proper medical care for a serious neurological condition for months while in the custody of Iranian authorities.  A group of five jailed activists of Iran’s Gonabadi Dervish minority sent a statement to VOA …

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UN urges Iran to undertake a full and transparent investigation into the death in custody of Behnam Mahjoubi.

Shabtabnews – In a twitter statement UN Human Rights council urges Iran to fully investigate Behnam Mahjoubi’s death in custody. 🇮🇷 We urge #Iran to undertake a full and transparent investigation into the death in custody of #BehnamMahjoubi. His death is another reminder of how adequate medical treatment is repeatedly denied to detainees. We call for immediate access to adequate …

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IOPHR Statement in regards to the detaining of the body of the murdered prisoner Mr. Behnam Mahjoubi by the Islamic Republic of Iran

Shabtabnews – In a statement IOPHR stated : “According to reports received, the security agents of the ruling regime in Iran, have refused to hand over the lifeless body of the brave prisoner of conscience, Behnam Mahjoubi, who was killed in the Evin prison hospital due to poisoning. The authorities have made the delivery of Behnam Mahjoubi’s body conditional on …

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