Tuesday , 20 August 2019

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Can Iran’s Khamenei rule out ‘national reconciliation’?

Al-monitor – In a speech Feb. 15, Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei directly addressed the idea of “national reconciliation” brought forward by Reformists over the past weeks. AUTHOR Reza Marashi “Some people talk about national reconciliation; however, that does not make sense to me,” he said. “The people are already united. So why do you talk about reconciliation? Are …

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Is Ahmadinejad defying Khamenei’s ‘advice’ to abandon ambitions?

AL-monitor – On Feb. 20, former Iranian Vice President Hamid Baghaei announced his intention to run in the country’s May 19 presidential election amid efforts among conservatives to reach a consensus over a single nominee. As such, Baghaei, who served as deputy to former hard-line President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, is now, in effect, the representative of Ahmadinejad’s circle in the upcoming …

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Briefing Report: Tracking Twitter’s Growing Popularity in Iran

Iranhumanrights.org – Twitter’s growth in Iran can be tracked through three distinct stages; when it was banned in 2009, during the nuclear talks in 2013-15, and after the ban was partially lifted in 2016. Twitter Twitter was partially unblocked in Iran by the authorities during the last two months of 2016, paving the way for millions to access it, according to …

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Ahmad Montazeri, Son Of Top Iranian Dissident Cleric, Taken Into Custody

RFL/RE – The son of one of the founding fathers of Iran’s Islamic republic has been arrested to serve a six-year prison sentence for releasing a decades-old audio tape in which his father denounced the mass executions of political prisoners in 1988. Ahmad Montazeri, the son of prominent Iranian theologian Hossein Ali Montazeri Ahmad Montazeri was summoned to the special …

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Top Iranian Professor at Zabol University Sentenced to Imprisonment and Flogging

Radiozamaneh – A highly regarded professor in Zabol University in southeastern Iran has been sentenced to imprisonment and flogging for posting protests against university administration on Telegram, a cloud-based instant messaging application popular in Iran. Moosa Bohlooli, President of Zabol University Vaghayeh Etegafhieh daily reports that a member of Zabol University Science Faculty has been sentenced to four years in …

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