Thursday , 20 June 2019

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Iranian Leaks About Missing American Led Levinson Family to Sue Iran

VOA – A U.S. lawyer for the family of a former FBI agent who went missing in Iran 10 years ago says the family is suing Tehran for damages based in part on leaked information from Iranian sources. “Iran, like the United States, leaks information,” said attorney David McGee in an interview with VOA Persian’s LateNews program Wednesday. McGee represents the …

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Gloom surrounds Rouhani’s budget for new Iranian year

Al-monitor – In recent decades, the budgeting process in Iran has been such that the budget’s capacity to function as the country’s most important fiscal policy document has continuously declined. In other words, budgeting has been utilized by successive administrations solely as an instrument to balance revenues and expenditures rather than setting long-term economic policies. AUTHOR Navid Kalhor The allocation of the …

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The upcoming Iranian elections you haven’t heard about

Al-monitor – Candidates are gradually beginning to register to run in Iran’s upcoming city council elections, which are to be held concurrently with the May 19 presidential vote. AUTHOR Rohollah Faghihi The contest for the powerful Tehran City Council has always been one of the most controversial in Iran. During the past decade or so, the conservatives have been able …

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Bank of England reluctant to help facilitate Iran-UK trade

PayvandNews – While the British government has reaffirmed its commitment to help Iran’s reintegration into the global financial system, reports say the country’s central bank is still reluctant to facilitate trade between the two countries. Bank of England (BoE) Reuters in an exclusive report quoted informed sources as saying that the Bank of England (BoE) had recently turned down a request by …

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Family Of U.S. Man Missing Since 2007 Sues Iran

RFL/RE – The family of a retired FBI agent who went missing in Iran a decade ago has filed a lawsuit against Tehran, claiming that it has held Robert Levinson captive and falsely denied any knowledge of his whereabouts. The lawsuit was filed in a Washington, D.C., court on March 21 on behalf of Levinson, his wife, Christine Levinson, and …

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