Saturday , 18 January 2020


Rouhani’s Lost Battle: UN 2030 Education Guidelines

CHRI – In 2015, Iran adopted educational guidelines from the UN 2030 agenda that could substantially improve access to education throughout the country. Two years later, a vicious smear campaign and opposition by the supreme leader has resulted in President Hassan Rouhani scrapping the guidelines. Generations of Iranians stand to lose from the decision.

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Iran’s Newest Robot Is an Adorable Dancing Humanoid

spectrum- Iranian researchers have recently unveiled a new robot called Surena Mini. Over the last several years, a team of roboticists at the University of Tehran has been working on increasingly large and complex life-size humanoids. For their latest project, however, the Iranian researchers decided to build something smaller—and cuter. Surena Mini is a knee-high robot with a sleek 3D-printed body, …

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Iran Death Penalty Bill Could Save Thousands on Death Row

CHRI – Despite resistance from security organizations, a bill that could drastically reduce death penalty sentences for petty drug-trafficking crimes in Iran is scheduled to be debated in Parliament in July 2017. If passed, it could save thousands of prisoners currently on death row.

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First-Ever Film on Ancient Persian Monument TAQ KASRA : Fundraising Campaign

PayvandNews – TAQ KASRA, a landmark in the history of architecture, is a 6th-century Persian monument. It was built in the capital of Persian Empire during the Sasanian dynasty. The palace was gradually declined after the Arab invasion in the 7th century and now it is located close to Iraqi capital Baghdad, less than 200 km far from the Persian territory. …

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Germany’s Bundeskunsthalle hosting “Iran: Ancient Cultures between Water and Desert” exhibition — Rare Persian artifacts are on display at the Art and Exhibition Hall of Germany (Bundeskunsthalle in Bonn) in an exhibition entitled “Iran: Ancient Cultures between Water and Desert“. The exhibition is organized in the city of Bonn with cooperation of Iran’s National Museum and Cultural Heritage Organization in Tehran. VIDEO: Highlights of Iran & Persian Garden Exhibition in Bonn, Germany The exhibition …

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Islamic State Threatens More Terror Against Iran

VOA – Iran’s Intelligence Ministry said Thursday that five of the men involved in attacks on the country’s parliament and the tomb of former leader Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini were Iranians who had joined the Islamic State group. The ministry said the men had fought for Islamic State in Mosul, Iraq, and in Raqqa, Syria, before returning to Iran in August …

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