Saturday , 25 June 2022

Human rights

Baluch Ali Ranjbar Executed for Drug Offences in Bandarabbas

Iran Human Rights (IHRNGO – Ali Ranjbar, a Baluch man sentenced to death on drug-related charges was executed Bandarabbas Central Prison. According to the Baluch Activists Campaign, a Baluch man was executed in Bandarabbas Central Prison on the morning of 15 June. His identity has been reported as Ali Ranjbar from Minab who was sentenced to death for drug-related offences. …

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Iran rounds up teachers as protests gain momentum

Al-Monitor – Thousands of teachers rallied across Iran on Thursday to demand a decent life and call for the release of their colleagues, who are languishing in state-run prisons. In most of the protests in the capital, Tehran, as well as in major cities including Ahvaz, Sari, Rasht, Sanandaj and Kermanshah, the teachers were surrounded by a palpable presence of …

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Iranian Protests Spread As Discontent Over Sanction-Hit Economy Grows

Merchants and shopkeepers at bazaars have continued protests in more cities across Iran as the economy reels from U.S. sanctions and the rial weakens to historic lows against the dollar. The Hrana news agency reported on June 15 that mobile phone sellers in the city of Najafabad in Isfahan joined the protests, closing their shops over the instability of the currency and …

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Three Children Prosecuted for ‘Immoral’ Instagram Videos

Iranwire – Three children, a boy and two girls, are being prosecuted for making “immoral clips” on Instagram, according to Iranian state media. The three youngsters had a shared channel in which they appeared in short videos together. In the clips, according to the IRGC-aligned Tasnim News Agency, “Two underage girls are disturbingly present as ‘his [the boy’s] beauty queens’. The dialogue …

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What the Cost of Living Crisis Looks Like in Iran

Iranwire – The death of an Iranian journalist who reportedly had a heart attack after his rent increased made headlines of many newspapers. Fereydoon Bahrami, a veteran member of the editorial team at Hamshahri, was said to have been in good health but died suddenly shortly after his landlord informed him his rent would be put up several times over, putting him …

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Jailed activist denied visits for letter on executions in Rajai Shahr Prison

Iran-HRM – Authorities have banned political prisoner Saeed Eghbali from visits because of an open letter he wrote about executions in Rajai Shahr Prison. Saeed Eghbali’s mother went to Rajai Shahr Prison to visit her son today but was not allowed to see him. According to an informed source, under the pressure of the Ministry of Intelligence, the political prisoner …

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Iranian activists call for the release of 74-year-old political prisoner

Iran-HRM – political and civil activists and journalists signed a statement calling for the release of Keyvan Samimi, freedom of speech and thought advocate, journalist, and political prisoner. In their statement, they said that the regime’s “inhumane treatment” of Keyvan Samimi was “attempting gradual murder.” The signatories of the statement, which was released on Tuesday, June 14, condemned the regime …

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International Community Should Call on Iran to End Punitive Amputations

CHRI – In violation of its international obligations against torture, the Islamic Republic of Iran’s judicial system has authorized prison authorities to amputate the fingers of eight prisoners accused of theft. The prisoners are Hadi Rostami, Mehdi Sharafian, Mehdi Shahivand, Yaghoub Fazeli, Amir Shirmard, Morteza Jalili, Ebrahim Rafiei, and one prisoner whose name has not been disclosed. In a message leaked from prison on …

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8 Men Executed in Rajai Shahr Prison; 56 Executions in Past Fortnight

Iran Human Rights (IHRNGO) – Eight men were executed for murder charges in Rajai Shahr Prison today. At least 56 people have been executed in Iranian prisons in the last two weeks. According to information obtained by Iran Human Rights, eight men were executed in Rajai Shahr Prison. All men were sentenced to qisas (retribution-in-kind). Two of the men have been identified …

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