Sunday , 25 October 2020

Human rights

US secretary of state condemns Iranian regimes’ Human Rights violations.

Shabtabnews – The US secretory of state in a twitter statement stated that “ Normal states do not violently suppress legitimate protests, jail their own citizens or those of other countries on specious charges, engage in torture, and impose severe restrictions on fundamental freedoms.” [email protected]: Normal states do not violently suppress legitimate protests, jail their own citizens or those of …

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Iranian Dissident Caught Between Rock And Hard Place In Cyprus Limbo

(Reuters) – An Iranian dissident who fled his country fearing arrest has fallen foul of politics and COVID-19 restrictions in ethnically split Cyprus. Since mid-September, Omid Tootian has been living in a small tent in Cyprus’s buffer zone, a United Nations-controlled slice of territory carved out after a war split Cyprus in 1974. A musician critical of Teheran, Tootian left …

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Iranian Refugees in Turkey Fear Arbitrary Deportations, Possible Surveillance

VOA – The overnight arrest of an outspoken Iranian women’s rights activist by Turkish authorities earlier this month has sparked concerns about the precarious lives of Iranian refugees and the alleged surveillance of them by Iranian intelligence in Turkey.   Maryam Shariatmadari was one of the “Girls of Enghelab [revolution] Street” who participated in protests against Iran’s compulsory hijab in …

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Father of Death Row Protester Commits Suicide Over Son’s Plight

The father of a political prisoner who has been sentenced to death for participating in November 2019 protests, committed suicide, according to the state media. The state-run ROKNA News Agency reported that Mohammad Moradi, the 60-year-old father of jailed protester Amir Hossein Moradi, died this morning in his home. The report said that he hanged himself in his basement. Emteded, a “reformist” Telegram channel …

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Abysmal Sanitary Conditions and Rampant Addiction in Qezel Hessar Prison

Iran-HRM – Abysmal sanitary conditions and rampant addiction in Qezel Hessar Prison in Karaj have surpassed the boundaries of disaster. Prisoners are detained under critically inhuman conditions in this prison. Iran Human Rights Monitor has received an exclusive report about the horrible sanitary conditions and rampant addiction in Qezel Hessar Prison. The report by one of the prisoners in this …

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“Hey sister! Do you sell your kidney?”

Radiozmaneh – My name is Sarah. I’m 23, and I live in Northern Iran with my mother and my younger sister. Those who have visited villages in Gilan province, know that most people living in this breathtakingly beautiful, rich nature are poverty-stricken. Even those who own a piece of land or a rice paddy, are idle for at least six …

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The US State department Condemns Iranian Regimes Human rights violations

Shabtabnews – In a twitter statements US State department stated “The Islamic Republic does not tolerate dissent of any kind and persecutes civil society activists, including labour rights leaders, and members of ethnic and religious minority groups.” It also called “Its prisons are notorious for mistreatment and torture, and it uses capital punishment on minors and for crimes that do …

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Three Iranian Authors Imprisoned In Tehran’s Notorious Jail

Radiofarda – In a statement on Saturday, September 26, the Iranian Writers Association (IWA) said that three of its members had been placed behind bars in Tehran’s infamous Evin prison. Baktash Abtin, Kayvan Bazhan, and Reza Khandan have started their prison term while the coronavirus pandemic is underway, with the condition of inmates in Tehran havinb been described as “deplorable.” …

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Iranian Student Imprisoned for Protesting Downing of Ukrainian Plane

Iran-HRM – Mostafa Hashemizadeh, a student at Tehran University, was summoned Friday to Evin Court to begin serving his sentence of six years in prison and 74 lashes. Branch 26 of Tehran’s revolutionary court had sentenced Mostafa Hashemizadeh, a civil engineering student at the University of Tehran, to 5 years in prison on a charge of “assembly and collusion to disrupt national security.” In …

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