Tuesday , 17 May 2022


No More Prayers for Rain: Iranian Studies on Isfahan’s Drought

Iranwire – Protests over the water crisis in Isfahan intensified on Friday, with security forces firing tear gas and what appeared to be birdshot at crowds gathered on the dried-up Zayanderud riverbed. Farmers’ tents were set on fire the day before and several people have been arrested while unrest also spread to Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari, Khuzestan and Yazd provinces. The drought in Isfahan has …

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Iran riot police ‘forcibly’ sweep water protest site

Al-Monitor – Protesters who have been camped out across the drained basin of River Zayandeh Rood in the central Iranian city of Esfahan woke up to a pre-dawn raid by riot police Nov. 25. Videos on social media were replete with chaotic scenes as tents were set on fire, with police teargassing the protesters to put an end to their two-week sit-in. …

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‘Give Isfahan Life!’ Water Shortages Unleash Waves Of Protest In Iran

RFL/RE – A trickle of water in southwestern Iran has turned into a torrent of protests against the clerical establishment in Tehran.Just months after the authorities resorted to deadly force and empty promises to tamp down mass protests, locals in the region have joined farmers to demand government action to replenish water supplies drained by decades of mismanagement.Videos show tens …

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Water protests spread in Iran

Al-Monitor – Just days after thousands of Iranians took to the streets in Isfahan to protest water policies and the government’s inability to address the water shortages, Iranians in an adjacent province took the streets over the same cause. For back-to-back days, hundreds of residents of Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari province gathered in the provincial capital Khahrekord to protest water scarcity. …

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Thousands of Iranians protest water scarcity in Isfahan

Al-Monitor – Thousands of Iranians gathered in the central city of Isfahan on Friday to demand the government address the drying up of the region’s most important river, state TV reported. In videos posted to social media, demonstrators are seen making their way through a dry riverbed on their way to the centuries-old Khaju Bridge over the Zayandeh Rood River. …

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State TV: 2 Quakes Strike in Southern Iran, Killing at Least One

VOA – Two strong earthquakes struck southern Iran near the port of Bandar Abbas on Sunday, prompting residents to flee their homes and killing at least one person, state TV reported. The quakes measured 6.3 and 6.4 magnitude, jolting the province of Hormozgan, state TV said, and the tremors were felt across the gulf in Dubai. “One person died after …

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‘Water Jihad Council’ Launched as 25,000 Villages Go Without Drinking Water

Iranwire – Tens of thousands of rural villages across Iran don’t have adequate drinking water, the Minister of Energy has revealed. Announcing the creation of a “Water Jihad Council” on November 2, Ali Akbar Mehrabian said as many as 25,000 villages were suffering a water crisis. “We have 650 large sewage and water supply projects in the country that are under-funded,” he explained. Water shortages have prompted …

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Plight of Iranian environmentalists raised at Glasgow summit

Al-Monitor – As world leaders convened in the Scottish city of Glasgow to discuss challenges and solutions on climate change, an Iranian rights group attempted to draw their attention to the hardships endured by environmentalists under the Islamic Republic establishment. In a public letter to the summit participants, the group detailed how Iranian environmentalists are being “killed, detained and tortured” by the …

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Biden Set For G20 Summit, Meetings With Allies On Iran Nuclear Program

RFL/RE – U.S. President Joe Biden has arrived in Europe on October 29 with a full itinerary, including the summit of the Group of 20 (G20) industrialized nations in Rome, talks with allies on the Iran nuclear program, and a planned session with Pope Francis at the Vatican. Biden is also due to attend the COP26 world climate conference in …

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