Friday , 8 December 2023

Floods in East Azerbaijan Cut Roads and Ruin Homes

Iranwire – Heavy rainfall in Ahar city of East Azerbaijan province has caused flooding and leading to extensive damage to the homes of the citizens. Roads have also been submerged under the deluge.

Videos obtained from IranWire show cars and trucks overwhelmed by floodwaters.

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Hamid Monajjem, CEO of the East Azerbaijan Red Crescent, said that aid workers have assisted 30 families affected by the flooding and successfully rescued the occupants of a vehicle stranded in the floods.

“We have dispatched four relief teams to various rural areas of Ahar,” Monajjem said. “Additional relief teams from the province will be added to the regional relief groups based on the requirements of the flooded areas.”

The dispatched relief teams are currently providing assistance in several villages, including Azeghan, Ghalandar, Kasana, and Sarilar. 

Published images depict significant damage to the residences and vehicles of Ahar city’s residents and the neighboring villages. 

Authorities have yet to disclose the financial losses incurred due to this flood to the media.