Wednesday , 12 June 2024

Kurdish Singer Abbaszadeh Faces Arrest Again

Iranwire – Iranian security forces have detained Kurdish singer Mohammad Abbaszadeh, according to a report by the Hengaw Organization for Human Rights. 

Kurdish Singer Abbaszadeh Faces Arrest Again

The 35-year-old from Ilam province was reportedly arrested upon returning from Nowruz celebrations in Shuhan city. 

His current whereabouts and condition are unknown.

This is not the first time Abbaszadeh has faced persecution by Iranian authorities. In October 2022, he was detained for singing a protest song.

Released on bail a month later, he received a suspended sentence of two years’ imprisonment, a travel ban, and a fine.

In April 2023, Abbaszadeh faced more charges for criticizing chemical attacks on schools on social media platforms. The poisonings had started in late November 2022, causing anxiety among parents and students.

Some Iranians have suggested that the poisonings could be an attempt to force the closure of girls’ schools or a retaliation for students and women leading anti-government demonstrations.

While Iranian political figures and activists have described the wave of poisonings as “chemical” and “biological” attacks, officials have only admitted there may be a problem.