Tuesday , 23 July 2019


How Iran’s ‘filmfarsi’ remains the biggest secret in cinema history

Guardian – For many Iranians, the oft-forgotten films are a souvenir of a lost past, painting a picture of life before the 1979 revolution Ehsan Khoshbakht  Filmfarsi megastars Nasser Malek Motie (left) and Fardin, who often portrayed working-class tough guys. Photograph: PR Shortly after the 1979 Iranian revolution, the country’s national newspapers published a joint subpoena, unique in film history. All …

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At Tehran Symphony, Music Lovers Seek Escape From Reality

VOA – Aficionados of Western classical music have carved out a niche for themselves in Iran, where cultural expression remains tightly controlled by strict rules imposed after the 1979 Islamic Revolution. And perhaps surprisingly, musicians in their 20s and 30s perform for overwhelmingly young audiences. Last week, the Tehran Symphony Orchestra, including female musicians in burgundy headscarves on cello, horn …

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Happy Tirgan: The Festival of Rain

PayvandNews – Tirgan also known as Jashn-e Tirgan (The feast of Tiregan) is an ancient Iranian festival coinciding with the mid summer festivals. The feast of Tirgan is an ancient Iranian celebration, which is still celebrated among Iranian Zoroastrians, Parsis of India and some Iranian Muslims in various parts of Iran. The celebration is widely attested by historians such as Abu …

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Remember the dead candle: Mirza Jahangir Khan Sur-e Esrafil

Radiozamaneh – It was a Wednesday and the beginning of the summer of 1908. A 34-year-old journalist was dragged in chains to the “King’s Garden” in the center of Tehran. King’s Garden, Tehran Two executioners put a noose around his neck. As they pulled the rope from the side, blood came out from his mouth. A third henchman stabbed him …

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Interview With Filmmaker Abdolreza Kahani: “We are Born Into Censorship”

CHRI – In Iran, the Ministry of Guidance and Islamic Culture imposes a strict process of review and approval for all screenplays before films can be legally produced in the country. Films that are produced also face censorship, and directors are often ordered to remove certain scenes before the authorities allow them to screen the film. Prominent director Abdolreza Kahani …

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Can fiction help an anti-death penalty campaign in Iran?

Al-Monitor – “The prisoners were all ears while Janyar recounted them an anecdote from [Dostoevsky’s] ‘The Idiot.’ One inmate … however, looked as though he had been asleep for centuries. His eyes were open, but he was no longer seeing anything. What they had been all talking about had quietly and surreptitiously called on their inmate. It calls on everyone …

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Iran’s concert tax infuriates artists, music fans

Al-Monitor – A new tax in Iran that imposes a 10% levy on concert revenues has raised the ire of artists, concertgoers and even some of the country’s culture bureaucracy. Many musicians in Iran — who face red tape, censorship and poor salaries — believe this new tax is the final nail in the coffin for concerts and other musical events. Parliament passed the …

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Iranian Poet Once Praised By Supreme Leader Lands In IRGC Custody

RFL/RE – In the summer of 2010, poet Hossein Jannati was basking in the adulation of the supreme leader. Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, a self-professed poetry lover who also has the final say in politics and religion in Iran, was publicly reciting Jannati’s “very fine” verses and using his powerful media team to share that poetry. But less than a decade later, …

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Interview With Nazanin Boniadi: “Silence is Not an Option”

CHRI – As a girl visiting her birth country of Iran, British actress Nazanin Boniadi got a taste of the severely restricted rights women there live with on a daily basis. That experience inspired her to get educated about women’s and human rights issues in the country, and to one day work to improve them. Later as an adult, while spending …

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