Friday , 8 December 2023

Iranians Condemn Arrest of Anti-Hijab Protest Singer

Iranwire – The arrest of renowned singer and composer Mehdi Yarrahi following the release of his new protest music video has sparked major condemnation response from activists and public figures.

Many users of online platforms showed their solidarity with the popular singer by sharing dance videos synchronized with his song Roosarito, Your Headscarf, as well as reposting other protest songs by the artist.

One of the rare domestic artists to openly show support, Mohsen Chavoshi, a pop singer residing in Iran, posted a photo of Yarrahi on his Instagram account and condemned the arrest.

In his post, Chavoshi stated, “The image you’re circulating of the honorable son of Khuzestan and Iran, deliberately reversed, stands as a compelling testament to the oppression faced by Khuzestan and its people.”

Directing his words toward the government, Chavoshi questioned, “What threat does a poet, a musician, a vocalist and ultimately an artist pose to you, that you’re so fearful of?”

But many social media users expressed dissatisfaction with the silence of Iran’s artistic community and its apparent lack of support for Yarrahi.

The Islamic Republic judiciary announced on Monday that artist and singer Mehdi Yarrahi had been arrested based on the order of Tehran’s prosecutor because of the song Roosarito.

The song is a protest against the compulsory hijab law in Iran. 

In the song, Yarrahi sings about the oppression of women and calls for them to be free to choose how they dress.

In the three-minute video of the song, Yarrahi integrates the renowned slogan “Woman, Life, Freedom.” 

He encourages women to remove their headscarves, and the video showcases moments of women dancing with their hair flowing freely.

Yarrahi’s arrest is the latest in a series of crackdowns on artists and activists in Iran. In recent months, the government has arrested several singers, poets, and journalists for their critical views.