Sunday , 21 July 2024

Wife of Killed Protester Donates His Eyes to See Day of Freedom

Iranwire – His last Instagram post was a video of victims of the current protests. Hamidreza Sayadi, 39, a father of one, was injured in the protests in Iran and died on November 27. The only surviving parts of his body, his eyes, were donated so that in a way he could witness the day of freedom.

Sayadi is another victim of the wave of nationwide protests that was sparked by the September 16 death of Mahsa Amini in custody.

Sayadi is another victim of the wave of nationwide protests that was sparked by the September 16 death of Mahsa Amini in custody. 

A source who talked to IranWire about him confirmed that Sayadi participated in the protests on the evening of November 24 in the city of Karaj. When he came home his wife noticed many bruises on his body, which were the marks of a severe beating with a baton. 

“Hamidreza went out for the demonstration that night despite he not feeling well. When he came back home he didn’t tell his wife what happened to him. The next morning he went to work as usual,” a source close to the family said.

“He went to work on November 27. It was around noon when his neighbors noticed that the door of his shop was half open. Some neighbors entered and saw his body lying in the middle of the shop. They quickly took him to hospital, but it was too late,” the source added. 

Security forces threatened his wife that she should not talk about the cause of Sayadi’s death to the media. She was forced to sign papers “if you want to save yourself and your children and be able to receive the body”.

The family has yet to receive the death certificate. 

Internal bleeding suspected but no cause of death recorded

“He had a young son, but he participated in the protests. Look at his Instagram page and you will understand what kind of person he was and how much he cared about freedom,” the source said.

“His son has had a fever for five or six days now, and he asks ‘Where’s daddy?’. At least his name will be recorded somewhere like the rest of the martyrs of this revolution, and when this child grows up, he will realize what a hero his father was.

According to documents obtained by IranWire, Iran’s Civil Registration Organization, contrary to usual practice, has refused to state the cause of Hamidreza Sayadi’s death on his death certificate.

The source told IranWire that the the family believes he had internal bleeding, but because he was worried he would be arrested by going to hospital, he resisted the pain. 

“The family believes that internal bleeding caused the death. I don’t know if an autopsy was done or not, but they haven’t given an answer to the family about the cause of death.”

When Sayadi was transferred from his workplace to hospital and his death was confirmed, doctors found out that only his eyes were viable and could be donated and transplanted into another person’s body. 

“His wife decided to donate his eyes to help someone. These days we hear a lot of news that officers blind people by firing bullets at protesters’ eyes. This is how Hamidreza’s eyes will live to see the day of freedom,” the IranWire source said.