Sunday , 26 May 2019

Health and Hygiene

Amnesty Calls On Iran To Provide Medical Care For Ailing Scientist In Jail

Radiofarda – Amnesty International has urged Tehran’s Prosecutor General to allow an imprisoned Swedish-Iranian scientist to receive specialized medical care after months of suffering from serious health problems. In a letter to the prosecutor, Ali Alghasi Mehr, the international human rights organization has noted that Ahmadreza Jalali (Djalali), who has been in prison since 2016, suffers from a low white …

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Despite Having The Funds, Tehran Denies Relief To Flood Victims

Iran-HRM – Despite having the funds, Tehran denies relief to flood victims Massive flood damage  Since mid-March, flash floods have hit 25 of Iran’s 31 provinces, forcing mass evacuations, ravaging infrastructures, and inflicting heavy losses on the agricultural sector. Citing the European Commission, the United Nations estimated that at least 12 million citizens across Iran have been affected by the …

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Latest Wave of Bootleg Alcohol Abuse in Iran Kills One, Poisons 45 Others

Radiofarda – Home-made vodka has killed at least one and poisoned 45 others in Poldasht, in West Azerbaijan Province, northwest Iran. Reports from Iran say so far 11 of those poisoned have been taken to the hospital in serious conditions. Poisoning by bootleg booze has been on the rise in recent month in various parts of Iran. Legal production of …

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Iran pioneer in stem cell knowledge, technology: Royan Institute’s Director

PayvandNews – Iran is one of the most pioneering countries in the world and the second country in the region based on stem cell knowledge and technology, Hossein Baharvand, director of Royan Institute for stem cell biology and technology, has said. Baharvand is a distinguished professor of stem cells and developmental biology at Royan Institute. Hossein Baharvand Baharvand received his …

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Iran to host World Health Summit regional meeting in Kish Island

PayvandNews – Iran will host The World Health Summit (WHS), one of the world’s most prominent forums for addressing global health issues, announced the Iranian deputy health minister for research and technology. The World Health Summit Regional Meeting 2019 is organized by Tehran University of Medical Sciences and will be held in Persian Gulf’s Kish Island on April 29-30, IRIB …

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Northern Iranian Cities Suffer Floods On Nowruz Holiday

Iran-HRM – As people across Iran are celebrating the Persian New Year, Nowruz, heavy rains and flooding have been pounding Golestan province in northern Iran since Sunday, uprooting trees and causing serious damage to the province’s facilities and power lines. Heavy floods hit vast regions of Golestan province, northern Iran. Locals providing help for each other when Iranian officials refuse …

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Tehran Ranks Near Bottom In Quality Of Living Survey

Radiofarda – Western European cities dominated Mercer’s 2019 Quality of Living report comparing the quality of life in cities around the world, while Tehran ranked near the bottom, at 199 out of 231 cities surveyed. For the tenth year in a row, the Austrian capital, Vienna, held its spot as the number one city in terms of quality of life. …

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Iran Rolls Out ‘Organs For Graves’ Program To Spur Organ Donations

Radiofarda -Those who opt to become organ donors will be entitled to a free burial plot when they die, the Islamic Republic’s Health Ministry has announced. “To promote a culture of organ donation, plot 305 at [Tehran’s main cemetery] Behesht-e Zahra has been allocated to people who volunteer to donate their organs,” Health Ministry transplantation department head Mehdi Shadnoush told …

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Imprisoned Activist Atena Daemi Denied An MRI Despite Possibly Suffering MS

Iran-HRM – Political prisoner Atena Daemi has been denied medical treatment despite possibly suffering from multiple sclerosis (MS). In line with the cruel and inhumane behavior towards political prisoners in Iran, Evin Prison authorities prevented the transfer of political prisoner Atena Daemi for medical tests and medical care. Atena Daemi has long been suffering from persistent dizziness, headaches and numbness …

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