Sunday , 19 January 2020

Health and Hygiene

Injured protesters are facing life threatening infections

HRANA – The nationwide protests of November are one of the most significant events of 2019. During the November protests that lasted more than 10 days simultaneously in 719 parts of the country. At least 7133 people were arrested, hundreds died on the streets, and many protesters got gunshot wounds. This report is compiled by HRANA from field investigations of …

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Air pollution choking Iranian cities: 14,000 hospital visits in 6 days!

PayvandNews – Over the past six days, polluted air in the country sent 13,931 people to hospitals and medical centers due to heart and respiratory problems, Mojtaba Khaledi, Emergency Medical Services Organization spokesman has said. View of Tehran under heavy smog Due to air pollution and increased particulate matters in provinces of Isfahan, Alborz, Tehran, Markazi, Qazvin, Qom, East Azarbaijan, …

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Iran Health Official Warns About Cholera And Leishmaniasis In Flood-Stricken Ahwaz

Radiofarda – An Iranian health official in the flood-stricken city of Ahwaz in Khuzestan Province Iran on Sunday warned about an outbreak of cholera and leishmaniasis and called on the authorities to take immediate prevention measures. Mehrdad Sharifi, Head of West Ahwaz Health Center, said the residents are threatened by an outbreak of various diseases such as cholera and leishmaniasis …

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Iranian Biologist Develops Stem Cell Therapy for Parkinson’s

PaybandNews An Iranian professor of biology has been awarded the Mustafa Prize for introducing a new treatment for Parkinson’s disease with stem cells. Iranian professor Hossein Baharvand has been awarded in the third edition of Mustafa Prize ceremony for developing stem cell therapy for the Parkinson’s disease and the age-related macular degeneration (AMD). The professor of biology and stem cells …

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Fewer Iranians Go To Doctors And Hospitals Due To Declining Incomes

Radiofarda – The number of people visiting national health centers in Iran has dropped 30% in the last Iranian calendar year (ending March 21, 2019), says the deputy head of the Salamat (Health) Insurance and Health Services, Kourosh Farzin. “Health services’ costs have increased in Iran so significantly that they are not proportional to the families’ income,” Farzin noted, adding, …

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A Prisoner Died in Custody Due to the Prison Medical Malpractice

HRANA – On November 10, 2019, a prisoner died in Urmia Prison due to lack of medical treatment and negligence of the prison authorities. He was in prison since 2015 on the charge of murder. Maran Khamoui was a prisoner of the public ward 15 of Urmia Prison. According to a close source, he was sick for a week, but …

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Many Children In Iran’s Quake-Stricken Region Exposed To Cold

Radiofarda – Many children in the quake-hit city of Sarab, northwest Iran, are suffering from cold and frostbite, the town’s representative to Majles (parliament), Youssef Davoudi, has disclosed. “The bodies of these children are totally frostbitten,” Davoudi told Eastern Azarbaijan province’s session of crisis management on Saturday, November 9. “Regarding the [cold] climate of the quake-stricken city of Sarab, the …

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Women Rush To Hospitals In Iran To Deliver Babies On ‘Magical’ Date

Radiofarda – Despite warnings issued by the Islamic Republic Ministry of Health about the negative consequences of preterm birth, the roads leading to the maternity hospitals and clinics in Iran’s capital city Tehran witnessed abnormal heavy traffic on October 29. The day fell on 8/8/1398 of the Iranian calendar. Hundreds of pregnant women in Tehran rushed to the clinics and …

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Health Official Confirms Widespread HIV Infection In Southwestern Iran

PayvanNews – More than three weeks after the enraged people of a village in southwest Iran poured into streets accusing medical authorities of infecting dozens with the HIV virus, the head of the Islamic Republic center for strategic medical sciences research has confirmed that the village and its nearby town are indeed a center of HIV infections. “Who is the …

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