Monday , 28 November 2022

UN resolution on human rights conditions in Iran

Shabtabnews – UN resolution on on human rights condition in Iran was released for discussion and vote in the UN and as of today, the results are the following: Vote of 79 in favor, 28 against, and 68 abstentions. 

To note, Paragraph 15 of this resolution deals directly with Mahsa Amini and the ensuing protests after her death.  Paragraph 16 calls for the release of the protesters, while Paragraph 17 condemns the use of force against the protesters.  
Also, of particular interest with respect to FoRB, Paragraph 24 draws attention to the plight of a number of religious minorities by name.  Paragraph 25 calls attention to the damaging impact of amendments to Articles 499 and 500 of Book V of the Iranian Penal Code, which, in essence, outlaw any activity taken on behalf of any unrecognized religious minority.  
Other paragraphs, which would have been included even without the protests that began after the killing of Mahsa Amini, are now even more relevant such as Paragraph 9, which condemns the extensive use of the death penalty, and Paragraph 10, which condemns its use on minors.  
Finally, below please find information related to the Livestream of the special session on Iran at the U.N. Human Rights Council in Geneva scheduled for November 24.  
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The @UN Human Rights Council is holding a special session on #Iran on Thursday, 24 November.

Follow this special session on @UNWebTV and social media at #SS35

For full text of resolution see below link: