Friday , 8 December 2023

Women’s Hijab under intangible surveillance in banks and insurance offices

iran-hrm – As summer arrives, as every year in Iran, the pressure on women to observe the hijab has intensified. Jafar Sadegh Manesh, the head of the 21st of Tir base of the headquarters for enjoining the good and forbidding the evil, said the following:

“Hundreds of organized gangs are promoting unveiling and corruption in the country. Any neglect or undermining of the programs to correct this trend is playing on the ground of the invaders to the privacy of public morality.”

In a briefing for associations involved in untangible surveillance of Hijab in Tehran’s 22 regions, Jafar Sadegh Manesh said:

“Today, the issue of Hijab and Chastity is not a personal matter with personal motivations for some women to show off. We cannot say that it is more important to undertake more general and social issues. The present trend of Hijab and Chastity targets the moral security foundations of our society, its social relations, and our youths’ psychological health. No other problem can be solved without solving this problem because corruption and liberalism are a deadly poison for the country’s spirit of work, efforts, and progress.”

A general report on intangible surveillance in the greater Tehran’s banks, the teams’ mission, and their methods of work was presented in this meeting. Then, it was announced that the intangible surveillance of insurance companies would start on Saturday.

The 21st of Tir base is tasked with “improving the standards of Chastity and Hijab in government offices and departments under government supervision.” It is part of the Headquarters for Enjoining Good and Forbidding Evil. The headquarters started its activities to fight improper veiling in February 2022.

Earlier, Seyyed Mohammad Saeedi, secretary of the Headquarters of Enjoining Good and Forbidding Evil in Qom, had explained their activities:

“The 21st of Tir base was founded in Tehran. Initially, they declared their presence to all government offices. Then, they start their inspections and issue warnings if they see some breach. If the violation is repeated, they will report to the relevant Ministry in the next stage.”

The headquarters was launched upon the request of Ebrahim Raisi, Saeedi said. Raisi had ordered his cabinet to put the (surveillance of) Hijab and Chastity on top of government agencies.

One of the duties defined for this group is reporting the women who remove their veils or are improperly veiled to the police. The HQ of Enjoining Good and Forbidding Evil installs software on the mobiles of its agents, enabling them to register the license plate of any woman driver who removes her veil in the car. They can also immediately send a text message from the State Security Force Command to the car owner’s mobile. If the report is repeated, the car owner must sign a written commitment. If there is a third repeat, the car will be confiscated.

In this way, the Iranian regime creates jobs for its forces as the country is experiencing unprecedented inflation and high prices and faces tremendous economic, political, and international problems.

On Thursday, the clerical regime’s authorities were enraged by a gathering of a dozen teenagers under 16 years old in Shiraz who had removed their head covering. Several hours after the video clips of this gathering went viral, the SSF commander of Shiraz announced that they had arrested at least 10 of the teenagers.