Monday , 26 February 2024


US, UK launch fresh wave of strikes against Yemen’s Houthis

A;-Arabia – American and British forces carried out a fresh wave of strikes Saturday against 18 Houthi targets in Yemen, following weeks of unrelenting attacks on Red Sea shipping by the Iran-backed militia.The strikes “specifically targeted 18 Houthi targets across eight locations in Yemen” including weapons storage facilities, attack drones, air defense systems, radars and a helicopter, a joint statement said.It …

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15 Iranian Baha’is Tried on Propaganda Charges

Iranwire – Fifteen Baha’i citizens went on trial in the northern province of Mazandaran on charges of “deviant educational and propaganda activities” deemed contrary to Islamic Sharia law, IranWire reports.  During the trial held between February 6 to 18, the prosecutor accused the defendants of using “mind control methods and psychological inductions” to promote the Baha’i faith.  The Baha’is were …

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US Indicts Yakuza Leader Over Trafficking of Nuclear Materials to Iran

Iranwire – US authorities have charged a leader of Japan’s Yakuza organized crime syndicate with conspiring to traffic nuclear materials from Burma to Iran. Takeshi Ebisawa, a 60, and his co-defendant Somphop Singhasiri, 61, “trafficked in drugs, weapons, and nuclear material – going so far as to offer uranium and weapons-grade plutonium fully expecting that Iran would use it for …

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Iranian Teenager Died While in Custody

Iranwire – An 18-year-old Iranian teenager died in November under suspicious circumstances after being transferred to Shahr Reza prison in Isfahan province, the Dadban legal group said on February 20.  Arian Ghorbanishenas was arrested on November 20, 2023, following an altercation with friends and accusations of alcohol consumption.  Ghorbanishenas appeared in court the next day “in good physical condition and …

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Jailed Iranian Activists Punished for Announcing Election Boycott

Iranwire – Iranian authorities have taken punitive measures against three prominent political prisoners who had intensified their criticisms of the Islamic Republic ahead of parliamentary elections. Sociologist Saeed Madani, activist Hossein Razzaq and Mostafa Tajzadeh, a former deputy interior minister under reformist President Mohammad Khatami, have said they would boycott the parliamentary and Assembly of Experts elections on March 1. In …

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Father of Slain Iranian Protester Handed Another Prison Term

Iranwire – The Iranian authorities have sentenced Manouchehr Bakhtiari, the father of a 27-year-old man killed in a crackdown on protests in Iran in 2019, to six more months in prison for “insulting the leadership.”  The activist HRANA news agency reported on February 14 that Branch 6 of the Court of Appeal of Qazvin, led by Judge Habibullah Amiri, had …

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Iranian Baha’i Woman Jailed for Five Years

Iranwire – A Baha’i woman was apprehended by agents of the Iranian Ministry of Intelligence on the streets of Shiraz on February 13 and taken to Adel Abad prison to start her prison sentence. The First Branch of Shiraz Revolutionary Court sentenced Mina Karami to five years in prison after finding her guilty of “deviant educational and propaganda activities contrary …

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Iran’s Upcoming Elections Turn Into Farce In Some Districts

iranintl – Iran’s President Ebrahim Raisi faces an unusual challenge as he needs just one vote to secure reelection on March 1 to the Assembly of Experts in a small district. When selecting his constituency last year, he could have announced his candidacy from Tehran, where he works and resides, or from Qom, the home of the Shiite seminary where …

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US Strikes Multiple Drones in Yemen, American Official Says

VOA – The United States struck up to 10 unmanned drones in Yemen that were preparing to launch, a U.S. official said late on Wednesday, amid escalating tensions from the war in Gaza spreading through the region. A U.S. Navy ship also shot down three Iranian drones and a Houthi anti-ship ballistic missile in the Gulf of Aden, the U.S. …

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