Thursday , 29 July 2021

IOPHR statement in support of the uprising of the people of Khuzestan

Shabtabnews – IOPHR issued a statement in support of the uprising of the people of Khuzestan . The statement stated : “The heroic people of Iran, who in an admirable, united way through their boycott of the June 2021 presidential election, rejected the legitimacy of the Islamic Republic of Iran, have recently been concerned by their Khuzestani compatriot’s protests in regards to the lack of drinking water and electricity.

“However, unfortunately, the inept and corrupt officials of the Islamic Republic, especially in the engineering units of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, by implementing incompetent policies, including the construction of dozens of huge dams on the rivers of Khuzestan province, especially Karun and Karkheh, have not only wasted tens of billions of dollars, but have dried out thousand-kilometres of rivers, which had been flowing freely for tens of thousands of years.”

The statement further declared:” Unfortunately, as a result of the implementation of the corrupt policies of the Islamic Republic, now the honourable people of Khuzestan must endure dehydration in the heat of fifty degrees centigrade, along with lack of electricity. Sadly, the only response of the Islamic Republic officials to a completely legal, peaceful and justified gathering of honourable people of Khuzestan in order to protest the lack of drinking water has been oppression, and brutal clampdown, which has included shooting and killing of peaceful protestors.

“The people of Khuzestan have no water due to drought, as mentioned, due to inept and corrupt policies of the Iranian regime towards this water-rich province of Iran.

The IOPHR  also draws the attention of all relevant authorities, including the United Nations, the European Union, international organisations, and all responsible states in the international system, to the catastrophic situation within Iran’s borders and warns of global crisis if these Islamic Republic of Iran’s policies are allowed to continue. As these policies will undoubtedly lead to a catastrophe of global proportions, by leading to mass migrations caused by lack of water and basic necessities of life.”

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