Thursday , 29 July 2021

The Iranian National Liberation Front (INLF) issues a report on: A Grand Coalition of Iranian Opposition Groups and In Defense of Human Rights & Democracy in Iran

Shabtabnews – In a report the INLF states : ” The Islamic regime of Iran, after forty years of isolation is now focusing its attention in attracting foreign investments in Iran, especially from Europe. With an economy in shambles, unemployment at a staggering high rate and a population disenchanted with the “Islamist” policies at home and abroad, the regime is trying to open new avenues for its survival, by sacrificing on national interests of the nation and granting concessions to European, Russian and Chinese entities.

” The Iranian nation is seeking genuine reforms in the form of government, leading to a genuine democratic system of governance in Iran. INLF has structured and organized a common platform of understanding and cooperation amongst the peace loving people and political entities, concerned with the repeated violations of human rights and the political developments in Iran.

” At present time, the Islamic regime of Iran, through the use of systematic terror and intimidation of opponents has lost its legitimacy to be the representative of the Iranian people and we need to bring this matter to the attention of the world community for the defense of people in Iran. Iranians believe that the volatile situation in the region demand immediate attention by the international community. “

The report further states: ” The Islamic Regime of Iran with their illegitimate rule in the country, has tried to influence the politicians in Europe and the United States, and fund the terrorist activities, from Argentina, Germany to Middle Eastern countries and the U.S. to pursue its subversive activities, and Malaysia to fueling the turmoil in the Middle East, to create political instability in the region. It is time for the democratic countries to protect their own national interests by cutting diplomatic ties with this illegitimate regime, and recognize the will of people in Iran towards establishing a democratic system of governance. Any negotiations, deals or agreements, political or economic, open or secret, with the existing illegitimate Islamic regime will only prolong Islamic regime’s power-grip on the nation, and is therefore, condemned and declared VOID by Iranian people. ”

The report ends by calling on: ” all freedom loving people of the world to assist the Iranian nation in their quest to establish a secular democratic system of governance and free all political prisoners, students and journalists alike. We do not advocate a military solution or even economic sanctions on the suffering people, which hinders any attempt by the Iranian people in their political struggle to implement democracy in Iran. We strongly advocate a major reform in the charters of the United Nation to apply Political Sanctions against non-democratic regimes that are not true representative of their people. Iranian people demand a free and democratic election in Iran, with support of the United Nations. ”

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