Thursday , 2 February 2023

Petition: To Help FREE 91 year old Dr. #NoorAliTabandeh from House Arrest, a Human Rights Lawyer & Spiritual Leader

Shabtabnews-  IOPHR has instigated a campaign to Help FREE 91 year old Dr. from House Arrest, a Human Rights Lawyer & Spiritual Leader of over 8 million peaceful Sufi Gonabadi Dervishes. Since February Sufi protest, over 400 Sufi men and women have been arrested, tortured and held in terrible conditions within notorious Iranian prisons, as well placing the 91 year old leader of the Gonabadi Sufis under house arrest.


The Iranian Regime is trying to eradicate Sufism in Iran, because it poses a threat to the Extremist interpretation of Islam they wish to spread throughout the world. If they succeed, we can expect an increase in the extremist interpretation of Islam throughout the west.

Dr Noor Ali Tabandeh is the spiritual leader of one of the largest Sufi orders in the world, the Gonabadi Sufis. Sufism is a spiritual path, dating back many centuries, which encompasses mystical teachings and spiritual practices with the aim of seeking one’s essence within oneself.

Having been under House Arrest since 19th February this year, and at the age of 91, Dr Tabandeh is in a delicate and dangerous situation. Many have spoken out about the current plight of Sufi’s and Dr Tabandeh, particularly following the recent execution of an innocent Sufi by the name of Mohammad Salas, which caused International outcry.  Some important figures include Mike Pompeo, US Secretary of State, renowned Human Rights Lawyers such as Shirin Ebadi, Hollywood actress Nazanin Boniadi, and numerous MEP’s including Antonio Tajani, President of the European Parliament.

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