Friday , 2 December 2022

Distracting Tactics of the Iranian Regimes in the UN to block the hearings on human rights violations in Iran

Shabtab- The Iranian regime not only regularly violates the rights of its citizens, but as the following clip shows, it is ready to adopt  distracting tactics in order to stop any mention of these violations within established world bodies. On the 24th September at the UN gathering on Iran’s human rights violations,  the representative for Iranian regime  consistently interrupted the speaker reporting on human rights violations in Iran, even through the chairman of the meeting asked him to stop his interruptions. However, unfortunately these interruptions not only distracted the speaker from reporting on the human rights violations in Iran, but also successfully took enough of his allotted speaking time, to prevent him to report on  human rights violations of the Iranian regime against religious minorities such as Sufis, Christian converts and other oppressed groups. Thus, the speaker  was unable to inform the delegates about the human rights’ violations of the Iranian regime.