Tuesday , 17 May 2022


Relocation of Arab Political Prisoners Raises Concern About Secret Execution

Iran-HRM – Four Arab political prisoners have been transferred to an undisclosed location from Sheiban Prison in Ahwaz, in the southwest province of Khuzestan. On Thursday, September 17, Ali Motiri, Ali Khasraji, 27, Hossein Silavi, 31, and Ali Mojadam, 39, were transferred from Sheyban prison to an unknown location. The death sentences for Motiri, Khasraji and Silavi have already been confirmed …

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Iran reportedly loading Venezuelan oil for sale abroad

Al-Monitor – An Iranian fuel tanker has reportedly reached Venezuela and is loading the South American country’s oil for sale abroad, despite continued US efforts to stop such transfers. The Iran-flagged vessel Honey is currently docked in Venezuela, the financial news outlet Bloomberg reported on Tuesday. It is loading Venezuelan crude oil to be sold in Asia. Last week, the ship, which …

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UK could explore arms embargo as option to bring Iran into line: Defense Minister

Al-Arabia – The UK could explore the option of extending the arms embargo on Iran as a means of bringing Tehran’s destabilizing regional behavior into line, said the UK’s Secretary of State for Defense Ben Wallace, despite the country voting against the US proposal to extend the embargo at the UN Security Council. In a wide-ranging exclusive interview with Al …

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The French Wish List for Lebanon

gatestoneinstitute.org – The first defect of the Macron plan, as we understand it, is that it treats what Lebanon faces as a humanitarian disaster, something like a major earthquake or tsunami, rather than a man-made tragedy plotted outside and executed by elements in the Lebanese political system. In other words, Lebanon’s crisis is caused by geopolitical factors with internal manifestations. …

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China, Russia Not Likely To Compromise On Extension Of Iran Arms Embargo

Radiofarda – The efforts of three European powers to convince China and Russia to agree to an extension of the UN arms embargo against Iran have reportedly not succeeded so far as the U.N. Security Council prepares to vote on a U.S. resolution to extend the embargo. A Chinese diplomat at the United Nations, speaking on condition of anonymity, was …

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Iran conducts large-scale drills amid flaring tensions with US

Al-Monitor – Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) is conducting a series of large-scale military drills in Persian Gulf waters west of the Strait of Hormuz, the strategic passageway to some 20% of the global oil trade. According to the IRGC official website, Sepah News, the exercise is meant to evaluate the “operation preparedness and coordination” among different units, including naval …

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Iran’s FM Zarif says he coordinated everything with slain commander Soleimani

Al-Arabia- Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said Sunday he coordinated regional matters with slain Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) commander Qassem Soleimani on a weekly basis. “I met with him (Soleimani) every week and we coordinated. On regional issues, whatever we did, was coordinated,” Zarif told a session of parliament. For all the latest headlines follow our Google News channel online …

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Iran: The Ayatollah, Amid Coronavirus, Calls for Jihad Against the Jewish State

gatestoneinstitute.org – It is mystifying that Twitter, which wantonly censors so much, continues to allow… Iranian leaders to spread Nazi-inspired language and anti-Semitic sentiments on its platform. In general, “Big Tech” — Google, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter — have long since ceased being “neutral” transmitters of information as if they were “utilities”. Instead, they have become America’s Thought Police. They …

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Political Prisoner Denied Furlough Despite Being Eligible for Clemency

Iran-HRM – Political prisoner Barzan Mohammadi is deprived of going on furlough despite having served more than half of his 42-month long sentence. The authorities have also rejected his conditional or early release. Barzan Mohammadi and his family were informed on March 13, 2020, that he could go on furlough provided that they deposit a 200-million-toman bail. But Amin Vaziri, …

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