Wednesday , 12 June 2024

Bail Denied to Iranian Rapper Who Supported 2022 Protests

Iranwire – Judicial authorities of the Islamic Republic have denied Iranian rapper Toomaj Salehi’s lawyer’s request to dismiss his temporary detention order.

According to a post on Salehi’s X social media account, run by his relatives abroad, one reason cited for the denial is the “corruption on Earth” charge in his indictment. 

This serious charge carries the potential punishment of execution.

The post further said that the authorities believe Salehi’s release would be a “disturbance of public order.” 

Other reasons behind denying bail include “fear of collusion with others,” the need for “easy access” to Salehi, and the risk of him “escaping.”

Salehi was initially arrested in October 2022 after making public statements in support of the nationwide Woman, Life, Freedom protests that had erupted the previous month.

He released songs criticizing the government and supporting the protests demanding more freedoms and women’s rights. 

He also posted pictures and videos of himself during the demonstrations.

In July 2023, a court sentenced the artist to six years and three months in prison for “corruption on Earth.” 

He was released on bail on November 18, 2023, after the Supreme Court, responding to an appeal, found “flaws in the original sentence.” 

It returned the case to a lower court for a reexamination and possible retrial.

Salehi was returned to jail less than two weeks later to face new charges after publicly talking about his torture in prison in a video.