Thursday , 22 February 2024

Court hearing examines Masoumeh Yavari’s charges

Iran-HRM – The Revolutionary Court of Golpayegan convened on Tuesday, December 5, 2023, to review the case of political prisoner Masoumeh Yavari.Ms. Masoumeh Yavari, 45 years old, has been charged with “propaganda against the regime” and “collaborating and communicating with hostile governments.” Today, she presented her defense in court.

Masoumeh Yavari is currently imprisoned in Dolat-Abad Prison in Isfahan. She was summoned to the Golpayegan Court after receiving a summons. Previously, on Wednesday, October 19 of the current year, an interrogation session for Masoumeh Yavari was held at the second branch of the Public and Revolutionary Prosecutor’s Office in Golpayegan.

Ms. Yavari was arrested by security forces at her residence in Golpayegan on September 4, 2023, and after a search of her house, she was transferred to Dolat Abad Prison in Isfahan.

Masoumeh Yavari, born in 1978, is a homemaker and a mother of two children. She had previously spent three years in Evin, Gohardasht, and Qarchak prisons for her participation in the 2009 protests and her alleged.

connection with the opposition People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran. The court initially accused her of waging war on God (Moharebeh), but after some time, she was acquitted and sentenced to seven years in prison. She was released from prison after serving three years.

According to an informed source, Ms. Yavari had previously been diagnosed with a herniated disc while in prison, and she is currently suffering from severe back pain in prison. Prolonged interrogations have led to the protrusion of two discs in her back. Masoumeh Yavari also suffers from a heart condition, arterial blockage, and severe hypothyroidism.

Her son, Mohammad Mehdi Vossoughian, was arrested on September 20, 2023, without any charges. The purpose of this arrest was to coerce his mother into accepting all the allegations and make forced confessions. After a period, he was released on a heavy bail.