Thursday , 21 September 2023

Parents of Nine-Year-Old Kian Pirfalak Sue Government Agents

Iranwire – The parents of Kian Pirfalak, a nine-year-old boy who was killed by Iranian security forces during protests last year, have filed a complaint against the “judiciary’s bailiffs” for the killing of their son.

Security forces shot at the car carrying Kian Pirfalak in the southwestern city of Izeh on November 16, killing the boy and wounding his father, Meysam Pirfalak.

The mother, Zeinab Molaei-Rad, posted a picture of the complaint on social media. The couple emphasized that it does not have any complaints against those who have been arrested and prosecuted over the killing of their son and others in Izeh.

Kian Pirfalak’s uncle reposted the complaint on his Twitter page and wrote, “Since the beginning of the recent protests in Izeh, at least 13 young people have been killed, dozens have been injured and several hundred people have been arrested.”

Sajjad Pirfalak also wrote that the families of Kian Pirfalak and other victims want all death sentences to be canceled.

The judiciary of the Islamic Republic has sentenced Abbas Kurkuri to death on charges of murdering Kian Pirfalak and six other people in Izeh.

The families of Kian Pirfalak and other victims have repeatedly said that the security forces of the Islamic Republic bear the sole responsibility for the killing of their loved ones.

In April, Kian’s father said in a video, “I have not and will not make any complaints against Mujahid Kurkuri and the people of Izeh because my wife and I saw with our own eyes that the security forces, under the command of Eidi Alipour, opened fire on our car, wounded me and killed my son.”

During the funeral ceremony for her son, Kian’s mother explicitly accused government agents of being responsible for her son’s death.