Wednesday , 6 December 2023

The International Religious Freedom Roundtable letter to the US President in regards to the Iranian protests

Shabtabnews – In a open letter to President Biden the International Religious Freedom Roundtable asks for President Biden’s assistance in helping the Iranian who are protesting against the Iranian regime’s inhuman systematic suppression.

The letter states: ” Iranian women have been at the forefront of a constant battle against religious tyranny. They were the first group that poured into the streets of Tehran en masse to protest against Khomeini’s imposition of the Hijab as a mandatory dress code for women in Iran. It was the Iranian mothers who, in pursuit of justice for their murdered children, raised the world’s awareness of the atrocities of a brutal regime against its people.

” Two weeks ago, a beautiful young Iranian Kurdish woman named Mahsa Amini who had traveled to Tehran with her family was arrested by the Morality Police (Gashte Ershad) for not properly wearing her headscarf. Two hours later, her lifeless body was dropped off at the emergency room of a hospital. She was soon pronounced dead. And this galvanized the brave Iranian women all across the land to rise and settle their forty-three year old grievances with the ruling Ayatollahs .

” An act that was instantaneously supported by their husbands’, brothers’ sons’, and fathers’ participation. Despite the pronounced lack of true support from western democracies and the firm endorsement of the regime by Russia, China, and even indirectly by the E.U., Iranians seem determined to overthrow their oppressors and reclaim their country. Although it began with the brave women of Iran burning their scarves in public, the movement has rapidly transformed into a cry for regime change and the overthrow of the Mullahs’ rule .

” A critical point to consider is that since the Islamic Republic’s inception, both Khomeini and Khamenei have consistently declared that their regime is at war with its number one enemy, the United States, which makes the Islamic Republic a hostile regime and enemy of the United States, as proven by repeated attacks on Americans and U.S. interests all across the globe. Yet today, we are witnessing the disturbing development that Khamenei’s regime has managed to open many so-called Islamic centers all across the United States with the sole purpose of spreading its diseased ideology and training generations of ideologues to carry out his regime’s objectives in the United States. Recently, we witnessed such an event in an Islamic center in Houston, Texas where young children dressed like Hezbollah members pledged allegiance to Khamenei and his regime, professing to be his martyrs when they grow up. The ruling regime in Iran has managed to accomplish all these seemingly impossible objectives by taking advantage of our democratic values and abusing the amazing work that everyone does to advance religious freedom across the world. “

The letter also states that : ” The irrefutable truth is that the world will be a better, safer, and more prosperous place without the Islamic Republic of Iran. The Iranian people are on the cusp of gaining their freedom and reclaiming their country after forty-three years of enduring the most unimaginable human and financial costs. And the ruling Mullahs are fully aware of their fate should the people prevail, which makes them extremely desperate and dangerous. They know that this uprising is different; it is an existential fight for them. As such, they are prepared to massacre hundreds of thousands of Iranians if need be.”

The letter ends with asking the US President to help the protestors in Iran by : ” 1- Announcing its unwavering support for the Iranian people and their struggles for freedom, accompanied by meaningful actions.

2- Providing uninterrupted, dependable internet access to Iranians for constant and instantaneous coverage of the events in Iran.

3- Providing continuous, unbiased coverage of the events in Iran to inform not only the American public, but the whole world, of the horrendous atrocities happening in Iran – unlike the favorable CBS 60 Minutes interview with Ebrahim Raisi, an indicted mass murderer responsible for the execution of tens of thousands of Iranians.

4- Enforcing current sanctions and implementing new ones, thereby cutting off the financial lifeline of the regime.

5- Leading an international campaign to isolate the ruling regime in Iran both economically and diplomatically. None of these measures require the sacrifice of a single American life or impose a financial burden on the American people.”

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