Sunday , 2 April 2023

IRGC intelligence tortures Baluch juvenile detainee threatens him with death

Iran-HRM – The Intelligence Department of the Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and the Intelligence Ministry have tortured Maziar Shah Bakhsh, a Baluch juvenile detainee, and threatened to execute him.

Maziar Shah Bakhsh was transferred from the Correctional and Rehabilitation Center of Zahedan to the detention center of the IRGC Intelligence on August 30, 2022. He was tortured under interrogation to extract false confessions from him.

The IRGC Intelligence agents told Maziar Shah Bakhsh to call his family and “tell them to prepare enough money to buy your noose.” They said they would send him to his father and uncle in another world.”

Maziar Shah Bakhsh has been interrogated by the IRGC Intelligence every month.

An informed source said that even the security forces admit that Maziar is innocent and has not committed any crime. He has been arrested and tortured in the past six months because his father was Malek Mohammad Shah Bakhsh and his uncle was Gholam Shah Bakhsh.

Malek Mohammad Shah Bakhsh died in a clash with the forces of Abuzar Garrison in Kerman after hours of fighting. Gholam Shah Bakhsh was killed on January 1, 2022, when the IRGC attacked Corin County.

The IRGC Intelligence and the Intelligence Ministry have been torturing Maziar Shah Bakhsh. Torture scars are evident all over his body, and his health is alarming. His family’s inquiries about him have not led anywhere.

The IRGC arrested Maziar Shah Bakhsh in Zahedan on September 9, 2022. He was born in 2004 when he was less than 18 years old.