Monday , 27 June 2022

Iran executes Kurd political prisoner Firuz Mosalu

Iran-HRM – Iranian regime executed a Kurd political prisoner Firuz Mosalu on Monday in Urmia Prison, northwest Iran.

Political prisoner Firuz Mosalu

The Revolutionary Court of Urmia had previously sentenced him to death on the charges of “enmity with God” for “membership” in a dissident Kurdish organization.

Reports say he was denied due process and the right to a court of review.

The Kurd political prisoner was transferred from the general ward of Urmia Prison to an unknown location on Saturday.

Firuz Mosalu was arrested by the IRGC intelligence forces on July 11, 2019, and transferred to the detention center of this security institution for interrogation in Urmia. He was transferred from the IRGC Intelligence Detention Center to Urmia Prison on January 1, 2020.