Monday , 27 June 2022

Hunger strikes only way for Iranian prisoners to achieve their rights

Iran-HRM – According to sources and human rights activists in Iran, several prisoners are currently on hunger strikes in various prisons across the country.

Iranian prisoners on hunger strike

Despite the many health problems caused by hunger strikes for prisoners, many prisoners in Iran have no other choice but to go on hunger strikes as the last way to achieve their legitimate demands.

At least eight prisoners are currently on hunger strike in various prisons across the country to demand their rights.

Fereydoun Zakeri Nasab, Vahid Bagheri, Barzan Mohammadi, Farhad Meysamy, Eskandar Lotfi, Hassan Saeedi, Salar Siddiq Hamedani, and Ebrahim Siddiq Hamedani are eight political prisoners in various Iranian prisons who are currently on hunger strike.

Vahid Bagheri

Political prisoner Vahid Bagheri has been on strike since May 9, to protest the authorities’ refusal to grant him conditional parole. Having served nearly 20 months of his sentence Bagheri is eligible for parole.

However, judicial authorities have deprived him of his rights because he has refused to cooperate with them. Vahid Bagheri is serving a six-year sentence for his participation in November 2019 protests.

Barzan Mohammadi

Barzan Mohammadi, a civil activist imprisoned in Marivan Prison, has been on a hunger strike since Monday, May 16.

Mr. Mohammadi was recently transferred from prison to quarantine for not attending religious services in prison. He is currently on strike to protest his transfer.

Farhad Meysami

Civil activist Farhad Meysami has been on a hunger strike to protest the possible execution of Djalali, who was arrested in 2016 during an academic visit to Tehran.

Meysami, a medical doctor, has been taken to the hospital following a two-week hunger strike protesting the threatened execution of Swedish-Iranian doctor Ahmedreza Djalali, according to Meysami’s lawyer.

Lawyer Mohammad Moghimi wrote on Twitter on May 21 that Meysami’s condition was worsening and that his life was in danger.

Fereydoun Zakeri Nasab

Fereydoun Zakeri Nasab is a Sunni prisoner held in Rajai Shahr Prison in Karaj has been on a hunger strike since Saturday, May 14. He is protesting the authorities’ failure in processing his case.

Eskandar Lotfi, a teacher union activist who is imprisoned in Sanandaj, has been on a hunger strike since May 3, to protest his unlawful detention.

Due to his continuing detention in the solitary confinement cell of a security institution in Sanandaj and the authorities’ imposing restrictions on his contact and communication outside the detention center, there is no further information about his condition.

Hassan Saeedi

Hassan Saeedi is a member of the Workers of Tehran and Suburbs Bus Company, who is being held in Evin Prison. He has been on a hunger strike since May 22 to protest his detention by intelligence agents.

Hassan Saeedi was arrested by security forces at his home on May 18. Upon his arrest, security forces searched his home and confiscated his cell phone. He is currently being held in the Intelligence Ministry’s Ward 209 at Evin Prison.

Salar Sediq Hamedani

Salar Sediq Hamedani, a political prisoner imprisoned in Kamyaran Prison, has been on a hunger strike since April 25, to demand the transfer of himself and his father, Ebrahim Sediq Hamedani, to Urmia Prison.

Ebrahim Sediq Hamedani

Ebrahim Sediq Hamedani, a Kurdish political prisoner imprisoned in Marivan Prison, has gone on a hunger strike since April 24, to protest the unfulfilled promise by prison officials to transfer him to Urmia Prison.