Friday , 24 March 2023

More death sentences carried out in Iran

Iran-HRM – More death sentences have been carried out in Iran in recent days.

At dawn on Wednesday, March 16, 2001, the death sentence of a male prisoner named Yousef Hashemi was carried out in Qazvin Prison.

Yousef Hashemi was the father of a child, and his job was to repair alternators and car batteries before his arrest. He was accused of murder.

He was in prison for four years and had previously been taken to the gallows. He had received a respite from the parents of the victim but could not satisfy them during this time.

The execution of this prisoner has not been published in the media and official sources so far.

According to published reports, the death sentences of 10 prisoners in Miandoab and Shiraz prisons have been carried out in recent days, but the news has not been published anywhere.

At dawn on Thursday, March 17, 2022, a Baluch prisoner named Aminullah Gargij was executed in Adelabad prison in Shiraz on drug charges.

Aminullah Gargij is the son of Abdul Hamid from Zahedan and is said to have been arrested in 2017 on drug charges and sentenced to death.

At dawn on Thursday, March 10, the death sentence of a man named Nizam Ali Mirzaei was carried out in Miandoab Prison on charges of murder.

Nezam Ali Mirzaei was married and had a child and worked in a bakery before his arrest. He was arrested for murder about eight years ago and is in prison.

Also, the death sentences of 8 prisoners were carried out in Adelabad prison in Shiraz in the last month, but its report has not been published anywhere to date. These executions include:

Bashir Kameli was executed on Wednesday, March 16, for drug charges.

Ahmad Salarzehi and Naeem Shahbakhsh were executed on drug charges in the second week of March.

Fahim Afghani, Mehrdad Moqaddas and Hassan Gholam Shahi were executed in the second week of March on charges of murder.

Mohammad Reza Heidari was executed in the first week of March on drug charges.

Mohammad Anbarzehi was executed in February on drug charges.

The execution of these prisoners has remained secret until now and has not been announced anywhere.

Ebrahim Raisi‘s taking office saw an appalling rise in the frequency of executions in Iran. This development is compatible with Raisi’s mass executions in Iran, particularly in the summer of 1988.

Iran comes second only to China when it comes to number of executions worldwide – but with a much smaller population.

Under its Islamic Penal Code, a death sentence can be handed down for crimes such as kidnapping, adultery, drinking alcohol and political crimes as well as murder.

Children can also be sentenced to death, which is against international law.

Iran HRM once again calls on the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, the UN Human Rights Council and other institutions defending human rights to take urgent action to save the lives of Iranian prisoners on death row. The Iranian regime’s dossier of human rights violations must be referred to the UN Security Council. The leaders and officials of the clerical regime in Iran must face justice for four decades of committing crimes against humanity.