Thursday , 2 December 2021

Intelligence Agents Swoop on a Baha’i Home in Shiraz

Iranwire – IranWire  understands that on Saturday, October 16, agents of the Ministry of Intelligence in Shiraz raided the home of a Baha’i citizen, Nora Momtazian (Abadi).

Officers came with a warrant for the search, and confiscated Momtazian’s mobile phone and several personal documents. They then told her she was suspected of having committed “propaganda against the regime”, and to report to Shiraz Intelligence Office for interrogation this Thursday.

A source close to Momtazian’s family told IranWire: “First the agents rang the doorbell at the apartment of William Momtazian, Nora’s father. Then they went upstairs to Nora’s home. The search was conducted with no female agents accompanying the male ones, and while Nora’s husband wasn’t home.”

They added: “In the past two years Nora Momtazian’s house has been searched several times by Shiraz intelligence agents, who have also twice arrested her husband, Soroush Abedi. During repeated inspections, her personal belongings, such as laptops, computers or religious books, have been taken away by the intelligence services.”

The incident comes after a spate of arrests of Baha’i citizens over the past month, including several cases where multiple generations of the same family were targeted for no clear reason.