Thursday , 21 October 2021

Mohammad Khodaparast Neyshabouri held incommunicado, causing concern

Iran-HRM – The situation of political prisoner Mohammad Khodaparast Neyshabouri is worrying as he is detained incommunicado.

Mohammad Khodaparast Neyshabouri

Reports from Mashhad indicate that the situation of political prisoner Mohammad Khodaparast Neyshabouri, arrested on June 10 for insulting the mullahs’ supreme leader, Ali Khamenei, has caused concern. He is imprisoned in the Central Prison of Mashhad (Vakilabad Prison), deprived of visitations and of having telephone calls. His family are very concerned about his condition.

“Due to the catastrophic spread of the Coronavirus in Mashhad, lack of news on this prisoner has caused great concern to his family and friends,” said a source close to the prisoner’s family.

“Mohammad Khodaparast has been denied the right to contact his family since his arrest, and this lack of contact has added to his family’s concerns,” the source added.

Security agents arrested Mohammad Khodaparast Neyshabouri in the evening of June 10, 2021 and transferred him to an unknown location. He is currently detained in the section of prisoners deprived of visitations in Vakilabad Prison.

Mohammad Khodaparast, known as Mohammad Neyshabouri, is an Instagram activist who posted protest posts against Khamenei on his page.

In a live broadcast from his Instagram account, he tore down Khamenei’s banners in protest of Omid Fat’hi’s arrest. Only two days later, security agents arrested him.

Mohammad Khodaparast Neyshabouri had said on his live Instagram: “Khamenei, because you arrested Omid, I am tearing your photo and your beard. So that you would not arrest Omid. So that you release Omid…. I tore your photo so you know I will tear you too. Omid’s wife and children are suffering and crying while Khamenei is lying on his bed and the charlatans and bastards are lying on their beds.”

Mohammad Khodaparast’s children are also going through difficult times after their father’s arrest. He said about this:

“What is life worth when you are humiliated and live as a slave? An illiterate has become the leader of the Islamic Republic. He stole all the country’s wealth and resources for thirty years, and left us homeless. Now, he has started to shed blood. I am ashamed of living in humiliation and misery under the rule of the illiterate Seyyed Ali (Khamenei)… I cry for my children. I will die with honor. I will not accept to live in humiliation. Damn to Khamenei… You have no religion, you have no god, you have no faith. My fellow compatriots, my children have no one.”