Saturday , 29 January 2022

Iran National Liberation Front writes an open letter to US President about the Iranian Presidential Elections

Shabtabnews – The Iran National Liberation Front (INLF) under the subject of Peace for Middle East wrote an open letter to US President about Iranian Presidential Elections. The letter states : ” While the world’s attention is focused on formulating a deal with Iran to limit the Islamic regime’s activities in pursuing their development of nuclear weapons, the political suppression and abuse of human rights inside Iran has reached a new alarming level.

” Imprisonment, torture and murder of opponents of the regime have reached a new peak. The sham election of Spring 2021 in Iran, which was condemned by 90% of Iranian people, and the mass murders of the opponents by the regime, especially during the past few years, has lost any legitimacy of the Islamic regime to be the representative of Iranian nation. Iranian people, all over the world have declared this suppressive regime as illegal, and are seeking world community in their quest to establish a secular democracy in Iran. “

The letter further states that ” Iranian people, by means of civil-disobedience are seeking an orderly regime change to establish a free, democratic and secular form of governance in Iran. Applying smart political sanctions against the Islamic regime, similar to the sanctions that were applied against South Africa during the apartheid era, banning the Islamic regime to participate in any United Nations meetings, and barring the regime’s cadre and high ranking officials and their relatives from traveling abroad, residing in democratic societies, or to transfer funds they have plunder from the Iranian people to their bank accounts abroad, would assist Iranian people in their quest for democracy. “

The letter ends with stating ” We, therefore, request the democratic world community in supporting the Iranian people for conducting a free election under the supervision of international observers. Any negotiations, deals or agreements, political or economic, open or secret, that the ruling Islamic regime has executed in the past will be subject to revision and/or cancellation by a democratic nation, and any further negotiations will only prolong its power-grip on the nation, and is therefore, condemned and declared VOID by Iranian people. “

For full text of letter see below: