Friday , 30 July 2021

Security forces arrest locals following protest over government land grabs in western Iran

Iran-HRM – A man was arrested for publishing a videos of Wednesday protests in a village in Iran’s Lorestan province over the cutting down of local’s walnut trees by government agents, the state run IRNA news agency reported on April 30.

Kahman village

According to the report the Public and Revolutionary Prosecutor of Selseleh city in Lorestan province announced the arrest of a ‘Telegram admin’ for publishing a video of clashes between police and residents of a village in the Kahman region on Wednesday.”
Younes Azadpour accused the man of “feeding the hostile media.”

Noting that six people have been sent to prison in this regard so far, Azadpour said: “All those who were involved in any way in connection with the recent events were identified, and today a ‘Telegram admin’ who was close to one of the city officials was arrested. He will be imprisoned after the arraignment.

“According to the investigation, some city officials in the Kahman region who have managed behind the scenes in the recent clashes, will soon be arraigned and sent to prison,” Azadpour added.

He stated that Kahman is the public capital and belongs to the Iranian regime, and said: “All those who stood up to the police and prevented the implementation of the sentence of repression and the removal of the occupation of national lands in the region have been identified and will be arrested and punished soon.”

On April 28, riot police in Sarab Kahman village, western Iran opened fire on locals, who were protesting the cutting down of their walnut trees by government agents as the second stage of a plan to seize their lands.

Special Forces attacked the homes and gardens of the villagers in the Kahman and Dar Tang-e Olya in Aleshtar and were met with protests by villagers.

The Special Forces opened fire on villagers with live bullets and pellet guns, injuring and wounding many of the locals including women. The number of injured locals is still unknown but one social media report said as many as 120 villagers were injured. Iran News Wire cannot independently confirm this report.

Local sources said the clashes started at around noon on Wednesday when security forces attacked homes and gardens to cut down the villagers’ trees.

According to Rokna news agency, the Governor of Selseleh County in Lorestan, Morteza Mahdavikia, confirmed the clashes, saying “police have re-instated security in the region” and that everything was “under control”.

The Lorestan official claimed the government was trying to take back the lands that belonged to the government.

According to the state-run media, at least 13 locals were arrested following the April 28 protests in Kahman village.