Friday , 19 July 2024

IOPHR Expresses concern on The human right situation in Iran.

Shabtabnews – Hamid Gharagozloo the representative of the International Organisation to Preserve Human Rights (IOPHR) in Washington, D.C, in a recent virtual meeting with the Commissioner for International Freedom of Religions and other reporters of human rights organisations expressed concern about the situation of Iran’s Sunnis as well as the country’s political prisoners.

According to the Kalam TV Network, as part of Mr. Gharagozloo’s report states that oppression against Iran’s Sunnis, who make up a population of 25 million people from many ethnic groups throughout Iran, continues unbated.

As in the past week alone, 17 Sunnis have been arrested and two executed, and one person died as a result of torture in prison. A Kurdish nuclear scientist was also tortured for hours at home, and then hanged by IRGC thugs.

The report also expressed concern about the physical condition of political prisoners, including Mohammad Nourizadeh and Narges Mohammadi, and stressed that their lives are in serious danger.

This report refers to the statement of the head of the Iranian judiciary that the protests are not tolerated. The Iranian regime has now intensified its attacks, harassment and detention of its opponents.