Friday , 5 June 2020

Women’s removal of veil in social media images draws harsh reaction

Iran-HRM – “Removing the veil in the cyberspace is considered a crime,” the Deputy Chief of the Iranian Cyber Police announced, adding, “Anyone who does not abide by the law on Hijab in the cyberspace would be recognized as a criminal.”

Col. Pashaii reiterated, “There is no difference between crimes committed in the cyberspace and those committed in real life. Any measure disturbing public opinion will be certainly dealt with and the Police will act seriously in this regard.”

The State Security Force official reiterated, “There is no difference between those who have lots of followers and those who have few. Anyone commits an offense in the cyberspace and does not abide by the above said (rules) will be recognized as criminal.”

The Deputy Chief of the Cyber Police cited the law stipulating examples of the criminal use of the cyberspace adopted in 2009. According to this law, it is considered a crime to disseminate any material in the cyberspace which contains unethical content hurting public chastity.

Pashaii concluded that, “Removing the veil in the cyberspace is also among the subcategories of such abnormal behavior and is considered a breach.”

Pashaii’s remarks come two days after the mullahs’ supreme leader told a virtual gathering of university students and faculty that the issue of Hijab is one of his main concerns. In the virtual meeting on Sunday, May 17, he said, “I am concerned about this issue. I urge university presidents and officials and the relevant ministries, especially the students and young women to pay particular attention to the issue of Hijab and the distancing between men and women which has been stressed by Islam. Religious principles must be observed in the universities.”