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Monthly Archives: September 2019

City Council Members In Iran Convicted To 33 Years For Illegal Sex

radiofarda – Five former members of the city council in Babol, Iran have been sentenced to a total of nineteen years prison, 33 years deprivation of social rights, and 540 lashes, apparently for involvement in a sex scandal. “The Supreme Court has upheld the verdict against the former city councilors,” the head of Justice Department in the city of Babol, …

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Senior Iranian Diplomat, Delegation To Visit Paris Monday ‘To Discuss Proposal’

radiofarda – Iran’s presidential chief of staff says deputy foreign minister Abbas Araqchi and a delegation will visit Paris on Monday September 2, to deal with “the proposal being discussed between Iran and France”. President Hassan Rouhani’s chief of staff Mahmoud Vaezi without providing further information told state television, “An economic delegation comprised of various departments will take part in …

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Tensions Rise As Hezbollah Vows A Response To Israel

radiofarda – Tensions are growing between Israel and Iran-backed Hezbollah in Lebanon, as its leader Hassan Nasrallah said a response to Israeli drones is for certain as Israel heightened troop readiness on its northern border. In a speech on Saturday, Nasrallah insisted a response to an alleged Israeli drone attack a week ago has been decided. It is not clear …

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Rouhani Warns Macron Iran Will Take Next Nuclear Step

radiofarda – President Hassan Rouhani spoke with French counterpart Emmanuel Macron Saturday, warning him Iran would take the next step in reducing its nuclear commitments unless Europe lives up to its own undertakings. Macron has been leading efforts to de-escalate tensions between Tehran and Washington, aiming at arranging a face-to-face meetings between President Donald Trump and Rouhani. But Rouhani has …

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Macron, Rohani Exchange Demands On Nuclear Deal, Regional Conflicts – French President Emmanuel Macron has urged Iranian President Hassan Rohani to show restraint amid rising tensions in the region, while the Iranian leader called on Europe to take measures to keep the 2015 nuclear deal alive. Macron’s office on August 31 said the French leader in a phone call asked Iran to “take necessary measures” to encourage negotiations …

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The land of minorities

In an effort to grasp the extent of human rights violations in Iran, it is almost impossible, not to come across the numerous groups of minorities in the country. With its 80 million people approximately 50-60% comprise of Persians, leaving around 40-50% of the Iranian population belonging to an ethnic minority group. These numbers are to compare with 30% in …

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