Thursday , 2 February 2023

The second day of the annual meeting to Advance Religious Freedom

Shabtabnews – On 17th July , on the second day of the annual Ministerial to Advance Religious Freedom conference, the conference discussed the widespread crackdown on religious freedom around the world , including the suppression of Yazdis, Bahia’s, Christians and Sufis.

The representative of the International Organisation to Preserve Human Rights (IOPHR), Dr Hamid Gharagozloo and Mrs Shahrareh Afshari in this gathering discussed the plight of religious minorities in Iran with the members of US state department. Mrs Afshari in particular, discussed the plight of Gonabadi Sufis and the house arrest and exile of their leader Dr Noor Ali Tabandeh.

Shahrareh Afshari and Morgan Ortagus
Spokesperson for the United States Department of State

Ambassador Kelly Currie, Office of Global Criminal Justice and Shahrareh Afshari
Mrs Afshari and Ms Gingrich (
United States Ambassador to the Holy See)

In their discussions the IOPHR representatives presented to the US authorities with the list of 126 Gonabadi Sufis who have been imprisoned in Iran for merely being a Sufi. The IOPHR team further stressed that in Iran people can simply be arrested for their religious beliefs as Iranian regime openly oppresses all minorities whether they be religious minorities like Bahia’s, Christian converts or Sufis or ethnic minorities.

Andrew Peek from US state department and Mr Gharagozloo