Tuesday , 19 November 2019

US Point Person on Iran Says Trump Wants to Negotiate

VOA – The U.S. special envoy says President Donald Trump’s Iran policy is ultimately aimed at bringing Tehran to the negotiating table.

Brian Hook briefed lawmakers at a House panel Wednesday amid concerns from some in Congress that the situation in the Middle East could escalate into military conflict.
Hook said, “no one should be uncertain about our desire for peace or our readiness to normalize relations should we reach a comprehensive deal.”
 US Denies Iran’s Claim to Have Dismantled, Arrested CIA Cyber SpiesIn response to a VOA Persian query, US official disputes assertions by Iranian officials that Tehran and its allies recently successfully targeted a US cyber-espionage network

Some in Congress have voiced concerns that U.S. troop buildups, sanctions pressure and heated rhetoric could accidentally pull the U.S. into a military confrontation with Iran.
The Pentagon approved an additional 1,000 troops to the region after a recent attack on commercial tankers in the Gulf of Oman that the U.S. blames on Iran.