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Monthly Archives: March 2019

Fragmented Reports Speak Of Heavy Flood Damage In Iran

Radiofarda – Local officials in various parts of flood hit provinces across Iran say the country has sustained tens of trillion rials of losses in the floods that hit 28 of the country’s 31 provinces during the past week. The government has not submitted any comprehensive report about the economic impact of the floods yet. Reports of damages surface here …

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Iranian Authorities conceal scope of deadly flood damages

Iran-HRM – Since March 19, large parts of Iran have been affected by heavy rainfall that caused disastrous flash floods. A large number of people have lost their lives and an even bigger number of people have been injured or have lost their homes to severe damage. Report indicate that the regime has tried to cover up the extent of …

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Iranians Threatened With Prosecution for Online Postings of Disastrous Flooding

CHRI – Iranian authorities have warned citizens that they could be prosecuted for their online postings about the flooding that has resulted in dozens of deaths and destroyed homes and infrastructure in several provinces throughout the country. “Not only has the Iranian government been negligent, it has also warned victims’ families and those who have suffered losses that they will …

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Iran continues to struggle to keep workers content Read

Al-Monitor – The Supreme National Labor Council has finally determined how much the minimum wage should increase for both state and private employees after a long period of squabbling involving the Iranian government, labor advocates, lawmakers and employers. Workers, whose purchasing power has dwindled in the face of a surge in inflation and who have been staging numerous strikes and …

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Iranians open homes to travelers stranded by floods

Al-monitor – As dramatic videos of deadly floods leaving behind destroyed vehicles and other damage circulate on Iranian social media networks, ordinary Iranians are doing what they can to help the affected citizens, including travelers whose Nowruz holidays have been unexpectedly disrupted. A 10-minute flash flood in the city of Shiraz, perhaps the most popular tourist destination in the country’s south, killed …

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Jafar Panahi’s “3 Faces” opens in U.S. theaters

PayvandNews – “3 Faces,” a film by renowned Iranian director Jafar Panahi, opens today at select theaters in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Encino and Hartford with screenings in other cities to come. 3 Faces Iranian director Jafar Panahi’s fourth completed feature since he was officially banned from filmmaking is one of his very best. Panahi begins with a smartphone video …

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Rouhani In Oil-Rich Province As Two Dams And Cities Threatened By Floods

Radiofarda – Iranian officials have warned that two dams in southwestern Iran are reaching their limits and face a crisis, as several cities in the region can be inundated by floods on Friday. Iran – President Hassan Rouhani visiting Khuzestan Province to manage flood crisis. March 29, 2019 Water and electricity authority in the oil-rich Khuzestan province warned March 28 …

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Iran’s Exports, Imports Decline, With U.S. Trade Lowest Since 2000

Radiofarda – Iran’s trade generally declined in the first two months of 2019, largely due to less oil exports and a substantial reduction in imports, due to its ongoing economic crisis. Iran’s exports to U.S. reached zero during January 2019, while its imports from the United States plunged to $4.5 million, according to U.S. Census Bureau statistics, released March 28. …

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Iran Floods Death Toll Rises To 44 As More Rains Expected

Radiofarda – The deputy head of Iran’s disaster emergency agency has said that the number of those killed in recent floods has reached 44 people, Mehr news agency reports. Meanwhile, Iran Meteorological Agency (IRMO) has announced that in coming days more floods might hit the country. The fact that in many regions the ground is saturated the chance of more …

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